Decision of the CPC Central Committee on learning Hu Jintao anthology the Sichuan channel,

Decision of the CPC Central Committee on learning "Hu Jintao anthology" the Sichuan channel: original title: Decision of the CPC Central Committee on learning "Hu Jintao anthology" (September 23, 2016) of the party’s eighteen, the Central Party committee published "Hu Jintao anthology" of major decisions. Now, anthology has been published, this is a major event in the political life of the party and the state. "Hu Jintao anthology" collection of Comrade Hu Jintao from June 1988 to November 2012 this period, especially the important work of the party’s sixteen to eighteen during the party. These important works, a vivid record of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the unity of history and led the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new historical starting point, the scientific summary of our party to rely on people to overcome a series of major challenges, promote made new achievements in reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction the valuable experience that reflects our party adhere to the Marx Lenin doctrine, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, adhere to the basic principle of Marx’s contemporary Chinese practice and combining features of the times of the major theories put forward, provides important materials for consolidating the common ideological foundation the whole Party and people of all nationalities United struggle. Seriously study the "Hu Jintao anthology", the great banner of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups with China socialism, firmly implement the party’s basic theory, basic line, basic program and basic experience, basic requirements, firmly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and the Central Committee of the party governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy, consolidate Marx’s position in the field of ideology, a correct understanding of the development trend at home and abroad, together for the realization of "two one hundred year struggle goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and struggle Chinese has very important significance. Comrade Hu Jintao is the party’s sixteenth session, the seventeen session of the general secretary of the Central Committee, Marx by his nationalist politicians vision, closely rely on the central collective leadership and the Party comrades, grasp the overall situation, make painstaking efforts, leave no stone unturned, made outstanding contributions to upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. Comrade Hu Jintao adhere to emancipate the mind, pragmatic, to promote theoretical innovation based on practice, focus on the wisdom of the whole party, uphold and enrich the Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", and implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, further answers the question "what is socialism and how to build socialism and what kind of Party building and how to build the party’s problems, creatively answered the major issues to realize what kind of development, under the new situation, how to develop, which reform development and stability domestic and foreign affairs and national defense and in running the party state and army in all aspects of the theory of system science, the realization of our party once again with the guiding ideology, open up the contemporary China Marx’s new realm of development. Study of "Hu Jintao anthology", should be closely linked to the development and change of the situation at home and abroad, focusing on promoting the work of the party and the state, strengthen the socialist China implement the characteristics of Science)相关的主题文章: