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As the incident of 9/11 was the biggest event after WWII. Similarly, economic recession which started in 2007, world has seen the biggest economic calamity since 1930s great depression. We have gone through the situation during this recession when many firms get bankrupted, many banks get dissolved, stock markets collapsed, thousands of people lost their jobs, from small businesses to corporate giants, and all get affected by the situation. Employment industry has also bore a huge weightage of that security lapse. Recession had developed the scarcity of jobs for the job seeking candidates as most of the .panies were not hiring but firing their employees. 5.1 million Job losses was administered until March 2009 since the recession began in December 2007 in America (Wikipedia). New hiring statements were started to bond with extraordinary pre employment background checks associated with criminal background checks to redeem all the chances of security and financial risk. Following 9/11 and a rash of corporate scandals at .panies such as Enron, Tyco and World., background investigations have be.e standard procedure for many .panies to prevent a variety of problems ranging from embezzlement and theft of merchandize to workplace violence. Moreover, state courts have ruled that .panies can be held liable for negligent hiring if they fail to do adequate background checks. As being a part of a background screening .pany, I have seen changing trends in vetting processes of pre employment background checks. Human resource departments are using different tools for administering their employment adventures. They usually prefer to check their employees through cyber profiling to save money, but now they are much more cautious because cyber profiling is not an adequate method for pre employment back ground checks. As most of the workers spend a great deal of time on the Internet, visiting and contributing to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many other services which allows people to .municate with others, while recording information a potential employer can use to assess character, cultural fit and other attitudes and characteristics. Organizations use content on social network sites to understand whether a job candidate may present a risk to the business if hired. What .panies usually judge from cyber profiling pre employment background checks? 1.The candidate participates in off-work activities which might cause embarrassment for the organization. 2.The candidates views on one or more topics indicate he or she would not be a good cultural fit for the organization or for the team supervised by the hiring manager. 3.The candidates participation in activist or political action groups might pose a threat because the business is involved in activities which conflict with the agendas of those groups. Pitfalls Regarding Cyber Vetting: Cyber profiling or social media interaction employment checks are restricted only to the online persona of a person. We can see their mentioned education on their profiles but we cannot run education background checks on their educational documents for document verification and authentication. We can see their past employment and dates but we cannot be able to verify their employment records they possess. Employers cannot be able to do a reference check of an employment candidate. Most importantly, an employer can never be able to judge a job candidate for his criminal acts; ie. Criminal background checks are merely impossible through cyber vetting. Employers cannot even perform a credit check on an employee as a precaution to a financial loss risk. From the above points we can easily draw an idea that cyber profiling has its limitation, it can only help an employer by judging a candidate about his behavior. In contrast to cyber profiling, background screening .panies for proper employment background checks is a far much better to choice for employers. As they are quick, they have the power and resources to vet an employee from his head to toe. Benefits of Using a Background Screening .pany for .prehensive Pre Employment Background checks: Vetting is an important part of ensuring employees handling sensitive information or managing critical systems present as low a risk to the business as is reasonable and appropriate. Pre employment background checks provide information about a candidates involvement in criminal investigations, civil action, or financial problems through proper investigation of court records, credit reports and civil litigation records. Document verification through primary source verification process is the best way to check a candidate about his educational background, his certifications and his licenses. This process can zero the chance of any employee induction who is involved in forging documents or had a degree from a fake diploma mill. Past employment records can be checked through resource sharing process which can identify any discrepancy attached with a candidate, empowering an employer to screen out a plague before induction. Reference checking is an another encouraging process opted by background screening .panies, as they write to the mentioned references of a job candidate for the validation and for counter check they can even make calls to counter check whether the reference is true or a bogus one. Pre-employment screening services also offer some additional criminal searches including a sex offender registry search and a global terrorist search, which is essential in the current world scenario for your business peace and security. Address history or Social Security number trace, It confirms that the number belongs to the applicant and it provides a list of current and previous addresses, as well as other names used. Concluding Remarks: Now that you know about how background screening .panies are better than adopting a cyber vetting or credentialing process, I am going to conclude my discussion with some vigilant insight about both the processes which will persuade you that independent background screening .panies have more potential to save your time and money. Cyber-vetting only enables organizations to look for red flags indicating potential in.patibility with the organization or position according to candidates general character and behavior. Trying to understand a persons character by looking at his or her online persona is not enough at all for making a hiring decision. So, the better choice for your pre employment checks is to hire a strong, reputable background screening .pany by seeing their profile of services, their experience in employment checks and by looking over the testimonials they have got during their work. I bet this information will lead any .pany opting for employment venture and will help it in choosing a background checks screening program according to their desire. Happy Secure Hiring. 相关的主题文章: