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Commuters prefer vitamin C effervescent tablets, beware of eating out of the question to the Sohu health workers prefer vitamin C effervescent tablets, beware of eating out of the question to Wen Li Yuanyuan nutritionist vitamin C is a nutrient health benefits with a great reputation, which everyone can say 12 comes, especially its beauty image is popular. A grain brewing readily vitamin C effervescent tablets, bubble straight appearing cool and fun, but also to supplement vitamin C, this is really too good. This makes vitamin C effervescent tablets popular. Can add vitamin C effervescent tablets for a long time on earth? A little vitamin C, what is the magic? Vitamin C nutrition is worthy of a small star in the plain, from the outside to the inside of the "skill" is displayed. For example, it can promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin, make the skin more compact and flexible; it can promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters, help maintain normal learning and memory ability; can also participate in the oxidation reduction reaction in clear, excessive free radicals and anti aging to show their talents; but also promote the formation of antibodies is to maintain the body’s normal immune function in the process to deal with the outside world; it also can be "friendly" to promote the iron, calcium, folic acid and other important nutrients absorption. Therefore, vitamin C is a strength to send nutrients is indeed worthy of the name. Two, add vitamin C effervescent tablets every day, right? Although vitamin C is powerful, but does not mean that vitamin C effervescent tablets is worth to eat. First of all, effervescent tablets often taste better, which means to add a lot of sugar, salt and flavor, of course, its ingredients do confirm that these components are not many health benefits to the human body, but should be limited. For normal long-term effervescent tablets as daily supplements may cause more harm than good. Secondly, the content of vitamin C effervescent tablets, each containing hundreds or even thousands of milligrams of vitamin C mg, some people a day may also eat a few slices, and then eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables, they may be close to vitamin C can withstand the highest limit and even cause an excess of vitamin C. The lack of vitamin C can not, but it is not the body of vitamin C The more, the better., can withstand the maximum limit is 2000 mg. The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 100 mg daily, even if it is recommended for the prevention of chronic diseases, only about 200 mg. Only when the human body is affected by infection or other inflammatory conditions, the demand for vitamin C, may need to take such a multidimensional C. For normal people, the benefits of higher doses of vitamin C are not clear, so it is not recommended for ordinary people, especially kidney function problems, as well as people suffering from kidney stones, people taking vitamin C. What if you eat too much? If occasionally eat vitamin C more than recommended, so the extra vitamin C can be excreted through urine; if long-term excessive intake of vitamin C can cause nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, excessive iron absorption and urinary tract stones and other hazards. Data show that: taking more than 1000 mg of vitamin C per day of male population, the incidence of kidney stones for people who do not eat vitamin C supplements crowd of 2.23 times. It usually does not recommend the use of effervescent tablets to supplement vitamin C).相关的主题文章: