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Business With the popularity of online fundraising for nonprofits on the rise, there has been the introduction of online charity websites to help donors connect with their favorite causes as well. Not all online platforms act as a viable solution for donors to use. It has be.e important to assess each site individually to determine its scope and ability to fulfill your fundraising goals within your specified time. Here are a few factors that not only help you evaluate the efficiency but also effectiveness in raising funds online: 1. Security: It is vital to ensure that the online charity system meets the PCI data security requirements in order to protect your confidential information from any cyber threats. With PCI .pliance, you can have peace of mind when providing your debit/credit card information along with other personal information when making online donations. As a fundraiser, you will assure potential donors their donation is safe and securely transferred to the desired nonprofit organization. 2. Reach: Along with making donations, many supporters are associated with raising funds for their favorite charity. If you are amongst them, you may want the online charity website to be integrated with social media platforms. Social .working sites connect with millions of people. This increases the opportunity for you to connect with potential donors who may be interested in donating to your charity of choice. 3. Option to Customize and Personalize: The option to create fundraising web pages in order to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit is nothing new. But, you must search for an online charity website that has the option to customize and personalize it to your liking. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your effort and creativity put towards your fundraiser in order to better help your favorite nonprofit. 4. Easily Accessible Online Platform: There is a large dependency on this factor whether a donor will make a donation or not. There are times when donors are unable to understand the process and lose interest in making a donation to your nonprofit. Utilize an easily accessible platform in order to help make your goals more successful. 5. Add a "DonateNow" Button: Engagement of a potential donor is the first critical step. After engaging the user, you have to ensure the donor actually makes a donation before leaving your website. Therefore, look for online charity websites that have an option to include a "DonateNow" button on every page of your website so that a donor doesn’t have to manually search for a place to make an online donation to your nonprofit. Before making any decisions, consider all the points above so you can be certain your fundraising and online giving efforts will be a success for you and your supporters! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: