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Chongqing Creative Park won the National Award   do the western public leader – Chongqing Channel – People’s network recently, Chongqing public space to add a national aircraft carrier". Built by the Chongqing daily newspaper group to the Chongqing Creative Park "super hit off center" on the end of the month by the Ministry of science and technology into the "national public record space", this is the park after the first half of the year for "national advertising industry park", once again won the national award. "Double National" signs let Chongqing Creative Park quickly stand on the western creative heights, become the western public leader". Since the construction operation since the creative park and the city of Chongqing actively integrate into the national innovation strategy, development of creative industries incubator, to optimize and improve the supporting services, the current good momentum of development, has been assigned to more than and 200 companies — including the Chongqing investment group, Chongqing seven Teng software limited, Chongqing film and television copyright trading center, Chongqing dream animation library Co. American companies, excellent investment institutions Andrew Angel Fund etc.. Next year plans to introduce 500 companies." Creative Park responsible person, "the nine plenary session of the four session of the municipal Party committee issued" on deepening reform and opening up and accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy ", pointed out the direction for us, let us have more confidence." Chongqing creative park is more than just a creative park. "It’s more like a super creative complex, a huge creative field. Come here, you can experience the creative, consumer creativity, show the creative performance, incubation ideas. Here, you can do anything with the creative, creative, creative ideas, creative awareness……" The official said, because, here is the soul of creativity, a large number of project roadshow, the upcoming introduction of the creative experience, small theater, music festival, creative market…… Here as a creative garden. It is understood that in September, Chongqing creative park a hydrogen energy application, guest center counseling recommended magnetic energy storage generation wheel, BDTO found? B & B platform 7 projects to become the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition reserve outstanding project. "We will further accelerate the construction and operation of the park, the park continued to expand the visibility and influence, let Chongqing Creative Park as soon as possible the formation of the western and the national first-class innovation base and creative industry, and make greater contribution to promote the development of cultural industry in Chongqing and build the western innovation center." Creative park official said, at present, the creative park is applying for national cultural industry demonstration park." (reporter Liu Tao) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)相关的主题文章: