Chengdu 3 year old boy died suddenly in his family donated the cornea (Figure) (video)

Chengdu 3 year old boy died suddenly in his family donated the cornea (Figure) Wang Cuilan right eye is to light. 3 year old boy died in two corneas donated to the Guangdong volunteers; matchmaking, children grandma free cataract surgery a week ago, Chengdu Qingbaijiang (micro-blog) 3 year old boy Philip Philip died suddenly due to illness, the family decided to donate their corneas. It is this decision, let Guangdong two with the eye sight. In Hong Hong for two strangers sent to the light at the same time, his grandmother, Wang Cuilan, 62 year old is suffering from the torment of cataracts, nearly blind eyes. Philip’s family learned the situation, in September 23rd, a Chengdu Eye Hospital free cataract surgery done for Wang Cuilan, the vision can be restored after a day. His family donated the child corneal let others instead of him to live on the 23 day 2 pm, Eastern Chengdu Aier Eye Hospital Ward, Wang Cuilan is doing a final check before the operation. I did not expect my mother to have a chance to see the world." Side of the bed, Wang Cuilan’s daughter, Hu Dongmei, some red eyes. More than a week, the family experienced a 3 year old child after the death of the pain, but also ushered in an unexpected surprise. The morning of September 14th, suffering from congenital cerebral palsy, after a cold has not improved Hu Dongmei’s 3 year old son suddenly worsened the condition of Hong Hong, rushed to the town of Qingbaijiang district hospital on the way to stop breathing. Hu Dongmei and her husband, Liu Hanming hard to accept the harsh reality of the death of the child, after the pain, the first to break the silence of the: can not donate the child’s organs, so that others continue to live in place of him?" The couple and family talk for 10 minutes, made a donation of Hong Hong decided to cornea. Subsequently, in Sichuan province donated free eye (ball) voluntary application for consent of the cornea, Liu Hanming signed his name with a trembling hand. In September 20th, Philip Philip two corneas were sent to Shenzhen, the two eye patients for transplantation. From the mouth of the volunteers to learn the news, Hu Dongmei cried again, baby in another way to continue to feel the world, as parents, we also have a comfort." Volunteer children receive free eye surgery transfer grandma Liu Hanming a charity, let two strangers to see the light, but also to the two family brings hope. However, many people do not know, Liu Hanming’s 62 year old mother, Wang Cuilan, is facing a blind eye pain. Three years ago, Wang Cuilan’s right eye began to see things, the second half of last year, the situation is even worse, her eyes can only feel the light. In a clinic, the doctor told her it was to senile cataract surgery immediately, otherwise it will continue to deteriorate. But after that the cost of surgery requires a thousand dollars, Wang Cuilan refused, money to buy medicine for the baby, I do not tight." In a chat, the volunteers learned of Wang Cuilan’s situation, then contact the eye hospital, for its application for free surgery. Hong Hong left, but he left the light and love in the world, we also hope to pass on this love." Volunteer Ran Ruqiu said. 23 PM, Wang Cuilan cataract surgery. The operation is very smooth, tomorrow can be removed gauze, her vision will gradually return to 0.5." The surgeon Xiao Zhiquan said. West China Metropolis Daily reporter Wu Bingqing photo相关的主题文章: