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Changle airport can brush card boarding a clearance certificate, at least half an hour to produce their identity cards, security will print out a boarding receipt channel network November 25th hearing (Haidu reporter Zhu Liping) and take the motor car, you can brush card, security check. Recently, some media reports, since January 1, 2017, according to the relevant domestic policy, has officially allowed China airport to implement "one card clearance"". Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport, as early as October 28, 2014, Fuzhou airport has launched "one card clearance" service, in F, G two exclusive security channel, passengers simply brush two generations ID card can quickly and conveniently boarding. At present, the people of Fuzhou to Changle airport, if there is no baggage, without queuing for the tickets, check-in, security authentication before stamp chapter, through F, G security channel fast boarding." Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport official said, starting from the Fuzhou airport domestic airline passengers, to the two generation ID card, no baggage of the passengers arrive at the exclusive security channel, identity cards, micro printer security will be randomly assigned seats, and print out a boarding receipt, security personnel on the receipt stamp to achieve a clearance certificate, can save at least half an hour. At present, the Fuzhou airport is constantly advancing the two round of the expansion construction, future investment for export new, will realize the function of a clearance certificate. Reporters learned that last year, Fuzhou airport passenger throughput in 10 million 880 thousand passengers, Fuzhou airport in the future if the full realization of the passenger ID card boarding, in the ticket "paperless" on this item, Fuzhou departure airlines can save about 10 million yuan. – remind does not apply to all passengers Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport to remind, a clearance certificate is only adapted to hold the two generation ID card of domestic airline passengers (excluding Spring Airlines), does not support the international ticket, tickets for children, infant tickets, tickets, domestic first-class cabin in the disabled and other special guests and passports, Hong Kong and Macao passport and other documents for passengers. In addition, a clearance certificate service does not support passenger baggage handling for passenger baggage, need to check baggage check-in counter after artificial to the security channel, customs clearance. The opening time of "one card clearance" is 3 hours before departure time.

长乐机场可刷身份证登机 一证通关至少可省半小时   出示身份证,安检口会打印出一张登机凭条   海峡网11月25日讯(海都记者 朱丽萍)和搭乘动车一样,刷身份证,就可以安检登机。近日有媒体报道,2017年1月1日起,根据国内的相关政策,已经正式允许中国机场实行“一证通关”。   昨日,记者从元翔福州空港获悉,早在2014年10月28日起,福州机场已推出“一证通关”服务,在F、G两个专属安检通道,旅客只需刷二代身份证即可快速、便捷登机。   “目前,福州市民到长乐机场登机,若没有托运行李,可不用排队取票、值机、安检前验证戳章,通过F、G安检通道可快捷登机。”元翔福州空港相关负责人表示,从福州机场出发的国内乘机旅客,持二代身份证、无托运行李的旅客到达专属安检通道后,出示身份证,安检口的微型打印机会随机分配座位,并打印出一张登机凭条,安检人员在凭条上盖章即可实现“一证通关”,至少可以节省半小时。   目前,福州机场正不断推进二轮扩能工程建设,未来即将投用的新登机口,都将实现上述“一证通关”功能。   记者了解到,去年福州机场旅客吞吐量在1088万人次,今后福州机场若全面实现旅客刷身份证登机,在机票“无纸化”这一项上,福州出港的各大航空公司可节省大约千万元。   □提醒   并不适用所有旅客   元翔福州空港提醒,“一证通关”目前仅适用于持有二代身份证的境内乘机旅客(不含春秋航空),暂不支持国际客票、儿童票、婴儿票、境内头等舱客票、军残等特殊旅客和持有护照、港澳通行证等其他证件的旅客办理。   此外,“一证通关”服务不支持有托运行李的旅客办理,对于有托运行李的旅客,需到人工值机柜台办理行李托运后,再到安检通道通关。“一证通关”的开办时间为航班起飞前3小时。相关的主题文章: