CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party is Jin Choi sand painting pictures of the 8 miss the expression-hyuna

CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party is "Jin Choi" sand painting pictures of the 8 express yesterday evening, CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party broadcast CCTV10 Science Channel "our festival, the Mid Autumn Festival." I believe many people have seen, one sand show striking, this work is Tianjin sand artist Liu San color original works "Moonlight memories of my younger brother", he wrote the program for two weeks, the 8 images expressed the "missing" the emotion, touched many viewers. Explosion of red lead to talk about the work of the work to be able to board CCTV from May this year, speaking. According to Liu Shengcai introduction, this father’s day, he created 3 sand painting works, published on the network, the total hits billions of dollars, due to creative works and moving, caused the general director of the science channel CCTV mid autumn evening, the director contacted Liu Shengcai to join his creation in the sand broadcast program. Learned that his creation is on the CCTV, although there is no reward, but Liu Shengcai was delighted. In July of this year, the director gave Liu Shengcai 4 plays, mainly in poetry and prose. Liu Shengcai needs to combine these 4 poems and prose creation music sand painting works. After a month of efforts, the creation of Liu Shengcai, but the director to consider the form of program performance problems, finally the 4 works have been selected, but at the end of August this year, the director once again gave Liu Shengcai a script, is Du Fu’s "Moonlight" and remembering my brothers on music to be broadcast in the evening, Liu Shengcai immediately began writing. According to Liu Shengcai introduced eventually striking one snag after another board CCTV, this poem score is 1 minutes long, if the sand forms, 5 to 10 seconds to have a picture. "Moonlight" Yi shedi is a poem of Du Fu, then Liu Shengcai first in-depth understanding of the background and the author of this poem to express the meaning of. In a further understanding of this poem, Liu Shengcai began his creation, in order to strive to create a picture of Liu Shengcai every hour, finally he used 8 pictures at the time to restore the war scene, Du Fu expressed the thinking of brotherhood, and has been the director’s approval, the work in the final the Mid Autumn Festival evening in the science channel CCTV mid autumn evening broadcast. In addition to work in the CCTV broadcast, Liu Shengcai will also be selected before the CCTV "Jingyesi" "homesickness" "is the hometown" and "grandpa for me" moon cake four works sent to the network, although the four works are not some regret in the CCTV broadcast, but sent to the network. Also attracted the attention of many users and praise. According to incomplete statistics, as of now the click through rate has reached hundreds of thousands. Liu Shengcai said his work can board CCTV, he is the best incentive, he will continue to work hard to create better works.相关的主题文章: