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Conference time exposure! In addition to the pixel phone, you can see what at the Google Conference -clazziquai

Conference time exposure! In addition to the Pixel phone, you can see what at the Google Conference – Sohu technology every year in September and in October, is the season of the press conference. Following apple, Google will also bring a big wave of hardware updates. Science and technology media Phonearena revealed that Google will be held in October 4th hardware product launches. Then in addition to the previously mentioned Nexus mobile phone, they may bring the intelligent mobile phone Pixel and Pixel XL, multimedia equipment updates for Chromecast products, Daydream VR head significantly, and in Google Home Google intelligent wireless speaker I O 2016 debut. Pixel & Pixel XL in this conference, Google will bring four new mobile phones. In addition to Nexus Sailfish and Marlin, this time there are Pixel series of new mobile phones Pixel and Pixel XL. Pixel C tablet media Android Police in the exposure of its configuration information, talked about their impression of these two new machines. They said that the two mobile phone is like a "small size version of the Pixel C: Pixel with 5 inches 1080P screen, while the Pixel XL is equipped with 5.5 inches 2K screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, rear camera 4GB RAM 32GB storage space collocation of 12 million pixels, equipped with SONY IMX378 CMOS sensor 8 million pixel front camera, using a SONY IMX179 running Android 7.132GB version of the CMOS sensor Pixel is priced at $449, 32GB version of the Pixel XL for $599 in user care, modular mobile phone Project Ara Google plan will debut at the conference. Unfortunately, Google’s official spokesman has given a negative answer. According to VentureBeat reports, Google’s official spokesman said in a statement, Project Ara will not launch the market. There are views that this may be related to the intention of Google intends to streamline the company’s business, but also some people think that Google has been authorized to sell Project to continue to develop the third party company… These claims have not yet been confirmed, Google still refused to respond further. Ch Google.相关的主题文章:

Next year’s iPhone may have no borders and no entity home key-spyair

The next iPhone may without borders has no physical Home key iPhone design industry is widely expected next year will have a big change, for example, may use the borderless design, for the OLED screen, the use of glass, and even launched a 5.8 inch model. Tencent digital hearing (Wen Xin), according to Digital Trends website reported that iPhone 7 has not yet officially released, but the market has been a lot of rumors about the next year will be released iPhone 7S or iPhone 8. It seems that iPhone 7S 8 will have major changes, including the change in the 5.8 inch OLED screen, glass rear cover, borderless design, remove the Home button, etc.. "The Wall Street journal" reported that in mid June, the 2017 iPhone design will have a greater change. Bloomberg News published an article that 2017 iPhone may look like a piece of glass ", which means that it will use the borderless design, there is no physical Home button. According to Apple employee John · kruppe (John Gruber) said that the 2017 iPhone 7S 8 May – and no border "a piece of glass" is very fit, mobile phone front is a piece of screen, Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be embedded into the screen. "New York Times" reports also confirmed this news, "apple iPhone next year may still not have a standard 3.5 mm headset jack, a positive screen, a virtual button will be embedded directly to the screen." Kruppe on iPhone 7S 8 when the size of said he did not know Apple is "will reduce the body size to match the current screen, or expand the screen size to match the current body". Although a number of Chinese brands and SHARP Aquos Crystal claims to use borderless design, but so far there is no real borderless phone. It is not clear whether the borderless phone is feasible, so the rumors can not fully believe. KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi (Ming-Chi Kuo, transliteration) said, iPhone 7S will be restored using glass cover. He believes that the reason for the recovery of the use of glass material is to make the iPhone in many metal materials in the Android phone is different. This is compatible with the new antenna design news, "the Wall Street journal" published an article that wireless components iPhone will be hidden behind an opaque plate. Guo Mingchi had earlier issued a report saying that he believed the 2017 iPhone will cover with a certain radian, the purpose is to increase grip comfort. Although the recovery of the use of glass materials for Apple seems to be a retro move, but also provides some new possibilities, such as wireless charging, for all metal body phones, wireless charging is impossible. Configure the OLED screen Digital Trends said, according to media reports, although not all 2017 iPhone will configure the OLED screen, but at least some models will be equipped with.相关的主题文章: