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Real estate registration three place in Shaanxi Province before the end of October (video)-misao

The real estate registration "three place" by Shaanxi Province, before the end of October (reporter Qiao Jiani Zhao Ming) in September 23rd, the provincial government held a unified registration of immovable property to promote the work of television and telephone conference. According to the national unified registration of immovable property work requirements, this year is "the year", our province has completed six months ahead of new old stop task, but in the face of the Department of Homeland "put forward at the end of this year to complete the 20% counties (21) real estate registration national platform of information access, to the end of 2017 the completion of a comprehensive information platform" requirement is also far, especially in the aspect of construction of information platform, our province is faced with poor foundation, short board information platform construction is lagging behind. To this end, our province urged all localities to focus on promoting the construction of the provincial platform, by the Provincial Department of land and is responsible for the year to complete, the construction platform and by the municipal government overall planning, unified standards, unified and standardized requirements, make the horizontal and vertical information exchange and data sharing, implementation of business registration and the smooth operation of the database. In addition, the day before, the State Council third large inspection is in our province, and has started a new round of unified registration of immovable property inspection, clearly put forward the "three in place", in January next year will be submitted to the State Council accountability list, the implementation of accountability. The province requires municipalities and county, district before the end of October to complete the "three place", the provincial government has unified registration of immovable property included in the annual special inspection ledger, the Provincial Department of land and will lead to random led, around the city of supervision and guidance, the year provincial deep reform office will also lead to key areas of special the inspection work is not in place, the city, the person directly responsible and relevant leaders will be held accountable. At the end of August, the province has issued 64372 certificates of the real property, real estate registration certificate in 62731 copies. At the same time, early in June 30th this year, the city and county real estate registration agencies are listed, the registration window full operation, our province takes the lead in realizing the whole region issued a new card, half a year earlier to complete the requirements of the State Council, the "new old park", unified registration of immovable property work by the Department of homeland recognition reward. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. More than half of the country has implemented a unified registration of real estate相关的主题文章:

Hongkong Huang Tinggu tour Beijing Railway Station opened a taste of ancient ceramics visual feast –w32dasm

Hongkong Huang Tinggu tour Beijing Railway Station opened a taste of ancient ceramics visual feast – Beijing Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles in new network on 18 November, 18, Hongkong Huang Tinggu ceramic tour Beijing Railway Station opened in Beijing. Hongkong huagting articles song xiuneisi Guan kiln Begonia bottle, five generation Yue celadon eight arris flask 19 pieces of ancient ceramics debut in Beijing. It is understood that the 19 treasures of the royal exhibition is left Zhengu ceramic laboratory "technology + culture" by means of identification of the Hongkong Dynasty, the ancient ceramics experts to verify art treasures. The appearance of Beijing, Hongkong huagting auction said, on the one hand is to see the Beijing strong and rich ancient cultural resources, on the other hand, Hongkong hopes to strengthen the Beijing folk collection of ancient ceramics people communicate through two days of the exhibition, held in Hongkong this month at the end of the 2016 China Royal Autumn Art Auction preheating. Rare celadon ice crack ancient ceramic art appreciate ancient visual feast of Hongkong huagting auction according to the relevant responsible person said, the exhibition of ancient ceramics in Song Dynasty porcelain, including song xiuneisi Guan kiln horseshoe bowl, song Ji Zhou kiln of Southern Song Dynasty celadon bowl, tortoise shell glaze ice Xianwen bottles, Song Qing white porcelain of Hutian kiln unto the type of dragon the Southern Song Dynasty Longquan, straight neck bottles, show the Yuan Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty porcelain products. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition of the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles for the Southern Song Dynasty palace tour, the only surviving scarce, the Imperial Palace is also a. Insiders said that the green glaze powder slightly blue, the pursuit of the Southern Song Dynasty Royal BrilliantColor, with the cloud After rain the sky looks blue. beyond the other color match, at the same time glaze kiln. At the same time, the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles in open, showing a typical 100 extremely broken ice cracks, the opening in the Southern Song Dynasty kiln can only Xikou fired, while other kilns are present in the big piece, or big piece and small fight, but not the formation of ice layering, extremely broken ice crack gives a simple and beautiful visual impulse top 100. Royal auction general manager Li Jing said, "test report, these exhibits are accompanied by the international organization for standardization ISO certification, 165 countries and regions worldwide recognized." Art collection investment market has a younger trend, they are also in order to allow those who just get started investors can appreciate the true charm and value of ancient ceramics. The general manager left Zhengu ceramic Laboratory Limited Li Ganglong auction all through the "DNA" certification dated from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China according to Li Jing, will be held at the The Peninsula Hong Kong in November 29th 2016 China aqueen autumn art auction a total of 54 items, all is the "DNA" test confirmed the authenticity, dated from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of china. Both the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles, the Northern Song Dynasty kiln furnace Yuanyang fragrance boutique, also have residual of Song Dynasty, Yuan blue and white porcelain, to meet the different needs of investors. Hongkong Dynasty left Zhengu ceramic laboratory to provide technical support for the detection of ancient ceramics. The person in charge of Li Ganglong, they used the "technology + culture" Kam Po mode, the X fluorescent spectrometer in vacuum environment detection in China ancient ceramic glaze.相关的主题文章: