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Medicine Perhaps the most unpleasant plant that you can touch is the poison ivy plant. Its leaves can look very harmless, however, just one touch of the leaves will leave you red and itchy for days on end. Believe it or not, you can easily keep away from this terrible plant. You just need to learn what this plant resembles and stay far away from it. Another idea is to know what to do if you accidentally touch the plant. The old and well remembered rhyme is "leaves of three, let them be!" This is the most easy and factual thing to remember concerning this plant. If you see a vine with leaves in groupings of three, this is probably a poison ivy plant. More vine like than resembling a tree or a bush, the vine curves like a rope. However, even though there are three leaves grouped together, some times there can be up to nine leaves together. Another thing one should do is be aware of the color of this plant. It is either green in the summer or red in the fall. The length of the leaves are two to four inches, with pointed tips. The plant also will sometimes have a gray, waxy berry like fruit. There is not really any hope for you to get rid of all of the poison ivy in the woods, but there are steps you can take if you find it in your backyard. You can pull it out by hand, for starters. Make sure to wear gloves if employing this method. Be sure to remove the entire root since the plant could easily grow back from the leftovers. If the plant is growing on a tree, this is a little more difficult. First, cut the vine and remove it from the tree. Then apply an herbicide to the stems where you cut them to prevent continued growth. If you do happen to come into contact with this painful ivy, try not to touch anything or any other parts of your body. The painful itching, blisters are caused by the oils that the plant produces. This oil is sticky and easily transferred by touch. You may also contact poison ivy through touching something else that has been in contact with it. If you believe that you have come into contact with poison ivy, be sure to immediately wash the contaminated area with soap and water. Be sure that you use cold water, because warm water will make the poison enter the skin easily. Although a rash may still result it will not be nearly as painful or as penetrating. If you still suffer symptoms from the plant, contact your doctor to discuss treatments. Poison ivy sounds terrifying, but it is easy to avoid. Just watch out for any trio of leaves and avoid contact with anyone who has it. Eliminate it from your yard, and always wear long pants when hiking in the woods. You can stay poison free if you are cautious. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: