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Canon 1Dx Mark II specifications and digital image exposure – Sohu [IT168 ] information; the earlier rumors of a new generation of Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark SLR camera II will be the first week in February the official release, but digicame-info has exposed a group of pictures and the main specifications of prototype parts of the fuselage, according to the accuracy of previous digicame-info information, I believe the official specification of the disclosure of the information will not be much different, let us preview. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with body size: 20 million 200 thousand pixel CMOS sensor, full pixel dual core CMOS AF 61 AF AF system dynamic range increase, the increase in the coverage of the 41 cross focus F 8 aperture 61 points can be selected for double DIGIC6+ image processor model mirror drive system, can provide faster shooting the speed can be recorded 4K 60fps video real-time viewing mode shooting speed of up to 16fps built-in GPS built-in USB3.0 interface, HDMI interface, dustproof and waterproof design built in Wi-Fi (WFT-E8) 158mm x 167.6mm x body size: 82.6mm weight: 1340g still is the 61 point AF system 1DX Mark II appears, but the new upgrade F8 points after that you use this lens after 100-400 You can also use 1.4X magnification lens, and even use the 200-400 lens, on the basis of the original can also add 2X magnification lens, lens not only can focus, but also can choose all the focus, this is a revolutionary update.   with the release date approaching, I believe there are many hidden functions will be released, please continue to pay attention to us. 佳能1Dx Mark II规格参数以及图像曝光-搜狐数码  【IT168 资讯】早前传闻佳能新一代旗舰单反相机EOS-1D X Mark II将会在二月的首个周中正式发布,不过digicame-info已经曝光了一组真机图片和部分机身主要规格,根据以往digicame-info信息的准确性,相信官方规格并不会与此次披露的信息有太大出入,下面就让我们先睹为快。   佳能EOS-1D X Mark II机身详细规格:   2020万像素CMOS传感器,动态范围提升   全像素双核CMOS AF   61点AF自动对焦系统, 覆盖范围增加, 41个十字对焦点   f 8光圈下61个对焦点均可选择   双DIGIC6+图像处理器   新型反光镜驱动系统,可提供更快的连拍速度   可录制4K 60fps视频   实时取景模式下连拍速度可达16fps   内置GPS   内置USB3.0接口, HDMI接口   防尘防水设计   内置Wi-Fi (WFT-E8)   机身尺寸: 158mm x 167.6mm x 82.6mm   机身重量: 1340g   虽然看似1DX Mark II仍然为61点对焦系统,但是全新升级的F8对焦点之后,意味着你用100-400这种镜头之后也可以再加上1.4X增倍镜使用,甚至使用200-400镜头的时候,在原有的基础上还可以加上2X增倍镜,镜头不但可以对焦,同时还可以选择所有的对焦点,这简直是革命性的更新。  随着发布日期的临近,相信也有不少隐藏功能还会陆续放出,请大家继续关注我们。相关的主题文章: