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Computers-and-Technology The gaming console has led the way for living room entertainment since the dawn of computer games, with diminutive size and low price bolstering its appeal. With the advance of powerful pint-sized PC systems are the days of gaming consoles numbered, can a do-it-all mini PC break through into peoples’ living rooms? On the face of it, a gaming console seems far cheaper with a much lower initial outlay. Currently, an Xbox 360 console package with a game and controller can be snapped up for just 150, whilst an cheap gaming PC would cost at least 300 – 400. This is a very clever marketing push employed by the manufacturers of Xbox and PS3. In fact, both vendors lose money when a console is purchased as the development and manufacturing costs are much higher. It is important to realise that the profit element comes from the games, online subscriptions and extra peripherals. The prices for console games are about 20% – 30% higher than PC games, and there are no online subscription charges when gaming on a PC. If these elements are taken into account, then over a lifespan of 5 years of gaming on a console you would spend as much if not more money in total in comparison to buying a cheap mini PC. Putting aside the price factor, it is undeniable that a PC has much more to offer than a gaming console. A mini PC connected to a big screen in the living room can become an entertainment hub able to access the internet, check emails, play music, watch and record TV, play DVDs, load media from an external HDD or any portable device, play online media and do much more besides. The performance of even a mini PC is always at the cutting-edge compared to a gaming console. An Xbox360 or PS3 uses a graphics processor that was developed over 5 years ago; it is less powerful than even the most basic of modern graphics cards. Graphics card development is such that a top-of-the-range model a year ago can be out-classed by a mid-range model today. With a gaming console, you will not be able to appreciate a game at its top quality settings and resolution. Although playable, the game would never leave you immersed with its realism and depth, which is a shame as the latest games are developed to give you that wow factor, except when playing on a gaming console. The components used in a gaming console are proprietary technology, which means that carrying out any upgrades or repairs is simply not possible. Also there is not much scope for design customisation, although there are firms that will paint a console or controller to make it unique, making these modifications usually voids the warranty as a seal would be broken. In comparison, any PC can be easily upgraded or modified, a mini PC can be opened up and a part replaced or upgraded to give it a performance boost. There are some advantages that gaming consoles have that a PC will find hard to compete with. A console has been and always will be very simple and user-friendly. You don’t need to install a game before playing it, you don’t need to worry about downloading the latest updates and drivers before running a game – Even a child can just plug and play! The controllers for consoles are also very easy to get your head round, whilst PC gaming requires a bit of preparation to familiarise yourself with which buttons to use on the keyboard. Gaming consoles are also perfect for multiplayer fun, where a number of controllers can be hooked up and friends can simultaneously play against each other on the sofa. Popular games for multiplayer action are traditionally fighting games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. PCs are not usually used for playing against friends in the same room, but this can be achieved by connecting USB Xbox360 controllers. All-in-all, the advantages of the gaming console are the simplicity and user-friendliness, as they are designed for gaming only, a PC would always be less straightforward and demand certain amount of technical nous as it’s designed to do far more, and is inherently complicated. In conclusion, there are far more advantages of having a mini PC in your living room instead of a gaming console. But this is not appreciated by most people as the low price and intuitiveness of a gaming console will always give it more appeal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: