Big data transactions spawned a huge underground industry chain rampant illegal collection an crycry

Big data transactions spawned enormous underground industry chain   illegal collection of rampant trafficking — Finance — reporter learned that, with the rapid development of large data industry, Beijing, Shanghai, Guizhou and other places to actively layout large data trading platform, data exchange has become increasingly active. But subject to the standard is not uniform, the law is not clear and other issues, large data trading market is still a serious shortage of effective supply. On the other hand, the black scale of underground data transactions continue to grow, for the illegal collection of user information, theft, sale and use of rampant behavior, data transactions underground industry chain problem is very serious. Insiders pointed out that the contradiction between the supply and demand of data transactions in the moment, to break the data barriers, unified data trading standards, improve data trading legislation has been urgent. More than the layout of the transaction platform data transactions are becoming increasingly active in the context of large data transactions increasingly active, the country launched a large number of provinces and cities to operate large data trading platform. Insiders said that the domestic big data industry trade is still in the initial stage, with the gradual improvement of the system of transaction specification and more data resources is activated, it is expected that by 2020, China’s big data market size is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan. April 2015 was founded in Guiyang, the big data exchange is China’s first large data exchange, the exchange headquarters wall affixed to contribute to the wisdom of Chinese data, the release of the value of the global data slogan. 2015, the exchange transaction amount of more than 70 million yuan, trading volume has exceeded $100 million this year. The principle of big data transactions is not to deal with the underlying data, must be cleaned, analyzed, modeled, visualized in order to circulate transactions." Guiyang big data exchange President Wang Sanshou said here, transaction data types including financial, medical, banking, environmental data and other more than and 30 varieties, each data has its own code, the price by the exchange, to bring together buyers and sellers ultimately by the seller and determine the data exchange. There are many factors that affect the price, including data variety, time span, data depth, data integrity, data real-time, etc.. Guiyang Stock Exchange membership system, mainly for business users to open, access to membership can use a special trading account login trading system, and in accordance with the rules of data transactions. Currently, Tencent, Jingdong, HUAWEI, China Life and other more than and 300 member units. The implementation of lenient strict control of member units, each to check the data quality and credit investigation, bad records cannot become a member. Members regardless of the size of the registered capital, only to see its value and role in the big data industry chain. Over the past two years, big data transactions more and more active, large data trading platform to run on the line. The platform has three main types: one is the data exchange platform, including the Shanghai trading center, Guiyang large data exchange, data exchange, the Yangtze River in Hubei Shaanxi new West Ham big data exchange; two is the trading platform industry alliance, such as the number of Zhongguancun sea large data trading platform; three is committed to comprehensive data the Internet trading platform and services, such as data company etc.. "China’s big data resources are very rich, involving areas from)相关的主题文章: