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Mobile-Cell-Phone You hear the stories every day – individuals who make iPhone apps and earn upwards of thousands of dollars each day. Huge numbers of people come with an iPhone these days, so if you have the right idea, you can generate money too just from a simple little app. That being said, learning how to make an iPhone app is certainly no easy task, particularly if you are unfamiliar with how to code. Don’t be concerned though, there are successful iPhone developers available who don’t even know how to code but still continue to earn money. Here’s the instructions : 1. First, you’ll have to develop an idea. Don’t worry about how exactly it will work or how the iPhone app is going to be coded – just find that iea that you’re passionate about and really have confidence in. If you cannot come up with anything, create a concious effort to consider what kinds of things you could use to enhance your daily life. Can there be anything that you wish your iPhone or other mobile phone could do this isn’t available? 2. After you find your idea, you are going to need to map it out. Produce a chart or flow map – or even better, sketches of how exactly your iPhone app will work. What screens will you have? What buttons will you have and which side they link to? There is a lot to it, but drawing it out will definitely help you realize exactly how you would like it to work, as well as give you the perspective of somebody who just bought your application. Does it seem sensible? If not, rework it until it does. 3. If you do not know how to code – don’t be concerned. You don’t have to find out how to get your app created! There are lots of places and you’ll discover individuals who specialize in developing iPhone apps, who are looking for ideas. You can type in "iPhone Developer" in the search engines and see just how many companies are advertising their services to build your iPhone app for you personally. Additionally, you might use resources to help you construct your iPhone app. Search around, read reviews and play with apps that they have already built. If one seems good to you, contact them with your idea. But please read step 4 before you decide to do so. 4. Inside a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing our ideas, nevertheless the world is actually not perfect. So, it’s advisable that you protect your iPhone app idea when you are asking for a bid for the iPhone application. It is simple to do this by intially giving them a breif description of what your app does, without starting detail, and then asking the developer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA for brief. When you and the developer sign an NDA, they will accept not steal your idea and you have legal documents which will help you in case they are doing. 5. When you give your iPhone app developer your idea, a good thing to do is give them the sketches that you drew when you created your idea. It is best to fix it up and make it so that they can’t be confused on something that you wish to be created. This can reduce stress and also the amount of time you need to respond to questions on things that are unclear. 6. Pricing is always a difficult subject. Getting an iPhone app developed by a third party developer can cost between $500 and $10,000 (or even more!) based on exactly what your iPhone app idea is and how difficult it will be to execute. Make sure that whenever you do come track of an agreed price, you have a recognised payment plan, in writing, for everybody to follow. If you discover a developer through or, they’ll do this for you personally. 7. While you have no idea anything about coding, be certain that you’re in a position to test the application with an readily available iPhone prior to making payments or submitting to Apple. Some developers may attempt to make the most of you because you have no idea anything about coding, but don’t allow them to do that for you. Be firm and professional right from the beginning, plus they won’t tread on you and give you bad iPhone applications. Best of luck! A few recommendations you need to know : – You may want to contact multiple developers who interest you and request a quote for your app. The prices range between developers, so you may be able to save thousands of dollars by shopping around. Be sure to use the DBA though! – When working with an iPhone developer that you hired, it is best for those who have comfortable access to an iPhone – preferably yours. The reason is because you will have to undergo some testing from the iPhone app before hand before you submit it to apple. 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