August frustrated sedan, Han & law into the biggest loser, a decline of over 80%- Sohu kamikaze love

August frustrated car, Han & law into the biggest loser, the decline of ultra 80%- Sohu car is a car to ask the original share articles, from the writer Yuan Mengquan. August car sales continued to rise, the overall increase of 19.6%, a record high for the year. The top ten models that is still a few old faces, in the broader market driven gratifying, in addition to tenth ranked Chevrolet Cruze, approved the sale of data have reached more than 20 thousand vehicles. But more surprising is that the Jetta replace Lavida in August, 36 thousand and 500 grades, the growth rate reached 99.1%, to become the new champion models. But in terms of their own brands, Geely Dorsett new still maintained a stable output of 13 thousand and 500 cars, but Chery Ai Ruize 5 and it approved the sale of gap in August has been reduced to less than one, especially considering the launch of Ai Ruize 5 time later, configure the update to the consumer freshness is strong, has the potential to become the next the new brand brand in a certain period of time, ask you also will continue to maintain attention. Some people are happy, some people worry that in accordance with the faction to classify words, we can see that the German, Japanese and American brands in the growth under the background of all live very moist, before ten occupy 9 seats. However, the relative edge of the Korean brand and legal system brand is not so happy, this year, the two factions have a significant stagnation and decline trend. Troubles are different. The problem is that the law before the pride of domestic compact car, and Korean car enterprises in Lang, K3, dynamic and name map products such as pull, to remain competitive in the compact car and B car entry interval still can, but in the low-end segment and senior car segment has full retreat trend. Peugeot 408 [August sales: 7087 year-on-year change: -20.6%] said quite sad, is only a month sales of more than 7000 products of all law car, called the last fig leaf, the grim situation facing the sedan has remarkable law. If the monthly sales of 20 thousand cars are elite products, monthly sales of cars is a mainstream car must stand on the threshold, and now the law firm even these two levels are difficult to achieve. But a new generation of 308 will soon officially listed, will be an important turning point facing Dongfeng Peugeot this year, and select the import in this line of slump of 308, actually is not a good time to present some negative cognitive models and impression to factions in new 308 to reverse, can alone the best natural savior however, but if not? Modern Rena [August sales: 6403 year-on-year change: -33.2%] Rena sales before we have analyzed several problems: the small car market share shrank gradually backward + + product buyers = sales decline fatigued. These are the result of normal market rules, Rena itself is not much to those. But interestingly, Rena’s sibling K2 three car but in August 7428 the expression gradually warming trend, and the old rival Chevrolet sail in August a strong rebound break million,.相关的主题文章: