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Asian interns too low proportion of well-known enterprises in San Francisco accused of discrimination – Beijing, Palo Alto information giant Palantir accused of discrimination against Asian workers for. (the "world news" Wang Jincheng photo) Chinese overseas network on 29 September, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the U.S. Department of labor on the front of San Francisco Palo Alto information processing giant Palantir Technology proposed "a systematic discrimination against Asian applicants". Palantir at 27 local time denied the Ministry of labor raised the crime. 27 afternoon, the plant staff in and out, and before two, import employees there are a lot of young asians. Palantir specializes in sales data analysis software to the U.S. Justice and intelligence unit, including the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the United States Special Operations Command (U.S. Special Operations), as well as the U.S. Army, etc.. The Labour Bureau estimates that Palantir has signed a $three hundred and forty million contract with the federal government since 2010. The Bureau of labor to Palantir discrimination against Asian applicant charges, asked the court to suspend the current Palantir and the federal government contracts also banned the company after the federal government continued to seek business opportunities, until the company operation in full compliance with the 11246 executive orders, that the federal government must comply with the provisions of contract employees equal opportunities. The Department of labor "to follow the federal contract office" (Office of Federal Compliance Programs, OFCCP) pointed out that, according to Palantir three times to recruit staff information, the company is clearly the behavior of discrimination against asians. The first case appears in the selection of quality assurance (quality assurance, QA) Engineering Trainee process. The labour department pointed out that in the selection process, a total of 130 applicants, 73% for asian. But Palantir chose 17 non Asian QA students from the 130, only four asians. According to the complaint, according to statistics, the selection of the results of the possibility of only 1/1000000000, too outrageous. In addition, when selecting a QA engineer, a total of 730 candidates, Asians accounted for 77%, the results of the company decided to employ the engineer, only one person in Asia, the other six people are not Asians in the United States, the other seven. When selecting a software engineer, to apply for up to 1160 workers, Asians accounted for 85%, but to find a job in the engineering of the engineer, the Asian population of only 11 people. The indictment pointed out, Palantir select employees generally equipped with four levels, Asian applicants generally review your resume and telephone interview (telephone interview) the first two that was brushed off, despite their similar qualifications and white applicants. (Wang Jincheng)相关的主题文章: