Annne Hathaway is no match for her In the eyes of the international director, she is actually a beau jiuyaogan

Anne · Hathaway are more than her? In the eyes of the international director, she is actually a beauty! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Recently, many people are concerned about the star Su Yan, however, the mud Meng know who is the most beautiful? That’s Fan Bingbing! More than a small series of people think so ~ Oh, the famous director Ang Lee, so to say! News reports, small series did not lie to you, right? You know, Ang Lee director of the female stars who worked together is a top handsome ah! Why can Fan Bingbing get Ang Lee’s talent shows itself, praised? Here, Xiaobian points (b.) (guà) wave analysis! First of all, after the makeup of Fan Bingbing Yan, we are all to see. The modern version: a modern version of costume version: Costume version version: flower fairy flower fairy edition no matter what kind of makeup, she can easily manage. Maybe to say after the mud adorable makeup actress, Yan high value also has a lot of ah ~ but Xiaobian want to say, dare in the movie makeup appearance, an ultra high resolution inspection afraid only of Fan Bingbing! Stills Fan Ye in the "apple" in the makeup look better than makeup! And Fan Bingbing himself seems to be very confident of their own color, often in their own home on the development of welfare ~ ~ in the pool, for example, to record their thin process…… Micro-blog mud Meng look at the skin, white and tender, peeling the shell of the egg is also the case, right? Fan Bingbing cap can also shoot so stunning photos, Xiao Bian also convinced…… No wonder Ang Lee director said Su Yan actress Fan Bingbing the most beautiful! But director Ang Lee can be seen as a super star actress! Why others are not favored? Come, let’s continue to score (b.) (guà ~1999) analysis, director Ang Lee "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", cooperation is the leading actress Guo Jizhang ~ Guo Jizhang look at the temperament, the color value, simply could not be more beautiful! However, after the removal of Zhang Ziyi…… Do you dare to compare the aunt left together with the HR contact? Do you dare to go to the aunt left in the same year with Jen? Under the Su Yan, the skin is no longer white, but dark yellow, the face can also see some spots, the skin is also some relaxation! No wonder the makeup will be lost to Fan Bingbing. It doesn’t matter, No. 1 players lost, then look at the strength of the 2 players. 2007 Ang Lee directed lust, the heroine is Tang Wei! Whether it is Tang Wei or the makeup, makeup: Tang Wei Tang Wei seems not the slightest flaw. But she does not make-up what is it like? Tang Wei Yan Yan temperament and color are good, but lost in the color! It doesn’t matter. There’s number 3! In 2005, Ang Lee’s "Brokeback Mountain", the heroine is a Hollywood star. She is Anne · hathaway! Anne · Hathaway beauty is like a painting: Anne · however, Hathaway remover after Hathaway is a long way down makeup though.相关的主题文章: