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United States announced the award of Chinese enterprises won 3 awards for the audience [Abstract]9 on May 25, the sixty-seventh American Print Awards ceremony held in Orlando, USA. China "printed works re success, in the 4 grand prix competition, which won 3 Grand Prix There was no parallel in history. to September 25th, the sixty-seventh session of the United States Print Awards ceremony held in the United States Orlando. China "printed works re success, in the 4 grand prix competition, which won 3 Grand Prix There was no parallel in history. to become the United States, Print Awards in the past, also won the 7 gold medal winning Byrne, amounted to $47. The "Peter book" · Rick is the audience finale of the award-winning heavyweight masterpiece, the printing industry authority James H. Mayes, Jr’s wife personally awarded. For which the award, ARTRON Culture Group Chairman Wan Jie said: "from the first time (03 years) until now, has been 13 years, Artron each printed matter, each book to create like artists, to create each book with the artisan spirit, as in the past to launch by the world recognized art books." Team photo "Artron awards site, do not throw rotten" shine "masterpiece" printed "Oscar" Artron this was Artron books including "Peter ·" (Equation of book; Rick Time (Peter Lik) won the two gold medal, Benny) "nature and creatures", "Mexico moment", and "the art of Zhang Hai the art of calligraphy", "Ning · – Shanghai famous sports culture", "building Wallace Chan dream light water", a total of 7 gold medal. Works design, layout, printing show ingenuity, is the perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern advanced printing technology. Among them, "Peter?", "nature and Rick book," Wallace Chan "living water" is the dream of light by virtue of their excellent characteristics, won the grand prix. The United States Print Awards gold medal books "Peter ·’s book"; Rick won the Grand Prix award printed, the book size 1 meters. The "Peter book" Rick · known as "the fall is not bad, not bad turn" book, it is for in recent years of painstaking research "masterpiece" book, is now the largest square ridge making hardcover book size of about 1 meters; this is a blockbuster book, Artron with super patent binding technology research and development alone, let it fall rotten, also turned rotten. This book as features to extend the life, given the "Peter ·"; Rick book collection of special value. In recent years, Artron launched Cloud Art Artron book, said in the book "Artron development plan, ARTRON Culture Group Chairman Wan Jie said:" the future of the book, it is a work of art, a device is a collection, or an exhibition, at the same time it is a multimedia entrance…… Combined with the data of cloud resources into the Artron, Artron cloud books, so that readers can see more)相关的主题文章: