Amazon also wants to continue to do mobile phones, but will find someone OEM (video)

Amazon also wants to continue to do mobile phones, but will find someone OEM mobile phone, Amazon should be a nightmare. In 2014, Bezos changed the usual low price route, with the same price as iPhone launched Fire Phone, the results of the third quarter of this year, Amazon has suffered the biggest loss for ten years because of this phone. By November, the market share of Fire Phone was less than 1%, and the stock backlog was so serious that it had to sell at a reduced price. Despite the defeat, Amazon’s dream of being a cell phone of its own is still not shattered. Recently, the technology website TheInformation broke the news, Amazon plans and a Android mobile phone manufacturers to launch the next generation of mobile phone, but which also no news. Reported that Amazon expects the cooperation will be their own electricity providers, television and other services into more in-depth integration into the mobile phone system, rather than just preloaded several applications, they want to get the same permissions as Google. Although the report did not elaborate this kind of cooperation is what it should be, and the custom of domestic mobile phone manufacturers like ROM, replace Google with Amazon’s service. Amazon actually has a whole set of Android services interface, covering the application store, application purchase, advertising system, etc., not to mention the previous Fire Phone system is based on the Android transformation of FireOS, Amazon’s own service is enough to the basic function of mobile phones. Amazon wants to do mobile phones, but is to want for their online services, especially Prime members to find a hardware entrance, such as Fire Phone easy to use function, FireFly is 3D scanning in front of the object, and then let you go to Amazon website to buy and buy. That actually allows existing manufacturers to OEM and customize the system, which is filled with Amazon’s service is the most secure way, the domestic Alibaba shares Meizu cooperation provides a reference case. However, the common "custom" approach to custom ROM in mainland China is limited to the agreements signed by Google and Android vendors in the US market. U.S. technology website Arstechnica analysis, published on 2011 "Android system is a mobile equipment distribution agreement" (Mobile Device Distribution Agreement), Google prohibition with third party application distribution platform to replace the GooglePlay core function in Android system. Bypassing this obstacle means abandoning the pre assembly of a full range of Google services. It’s a little bit difficult in the United states. As for the price, presumably Bezos will learn to go back to the civilian route, after all, this is a service entrance, behind it is Amazon’s big money. Amazon mobile phone

亚马逊还想继续做手机,但会找人代工做手机对亚马逊来说应该是噩梦一场。2014 年中,贝索斯一改惯用的低价路线,用和 iPhone 差不多的价格推出了 Fire Phone,结果当年第三季度亚马逊就因这款手机遭遇十年来最大亏损。到 11 月,Fire Phone 的市场份额还不到 1%,库存积压严重,不得不降价甩卖。尽管遭此惨败,可亚马逊想做个属于自己的手机的梦想仍然没有破灭。日前,科技网站TheInformation 的爆料,亚马逊打算和一家 Android 手机厂商合作推出下一代手机,但具体是哪家还没有消息。报道称,亚马逊期待这次合作能将自家的电商、影视等服务更深入地整合进手机系统里,而不仅仅是预装几个应用了事,他们想要获得和 Google 一样的权限。尽管报道没有细说这种合作方式会是什么,但应该会和国内手机厂商的定制 ROM 类似,用亚马逊的服务取代 Google。亚马逊其实一直有一整套Android 服务接口,涵盖应用商店、应用内购、广告系统等;更何况此前 Fire Phone 里的系统就是基于 Android 改造的 FireOS,亚马逊自身的服务足以胜任手机的基础功能。亚马逊要做手机,无非是想要为自己的线上服务,尤其是 Prime 会员找一个硬件入口,比如 Fire Phone 里好用的功能 FireFly 就是 3D 扫描眼前的实物,然后让你去亚马逊网站买买买。那其实让现有厂商代工,并定制系统,在里面塞满亚马逊的服务是最保险的办法,国内阿里巴巴入股魅族的合作就提供了一个参考案例。不过中国大陆常见的定制 ROM 的“土办法”,放到美国市场其实受限于 Google 和 Android 厂商们签的协议。美国科技网站 Arstechnica 就分析认为,根据 2011 年公开过一次的 Android 系统“移动设备分发协议”(Mobile Device Distribution Agreement),Google 禁止在 Android 系统里拿第三方应用分发平台来取代 GooglePlay 等核心功能。绕开这个障碍意味着放弃全套 Google 服务的预装。这在美国有点难。至于价格,想必贝索斯会吸取教训,走回平民路线,毕竟这只是个入口,它背后的服务才是亚马逊赚钱的大头。 亚马逊手机上手相关的主题文章: