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PPC-Advertising Advanced Video Production Editing effects such as: bullet points, menus, elaborate backgrounds, and scene titles are a great method for taking your presentation to the next level. It will make your video presentation look more professional and make it stand out from the other videos dealing with Internet video production. Video Production Editing effects are also inexpensive production wise and these effects are not time consuming either. Once these Video Production Editing effects are put in place the viewer has an easy time browsing them at their convenience. It is a great method for getting the top of both categories: the impact and drama that Internet video provides, plus the time efficiency of text. Sometimes trying to get the benefits from these Video Production Editing effects, the first time videographer tends to abuse them in one presentation. Avoid doing this as we covered the reasons earlier. You can confuse your viewer by including too many of these Video Production Editing effects and it can cause your video to be a bit awkward in apearance and hard to .prehend at times. So when should you utilize these Video Production Editing techniques? Rule number one is: you should never just use these Video Production Editing techniques just for the sake of using them. What do we mean by this? Lets pretend that the product you have to present is a new graphics software piece also including a GUI that is new. You show a screen shot in your video of the GUI functioning. It is simple to create the menu overlays and with Video Production Editing effects, you wind up loading the screen with these effects, having each button and feature labeled. While the presenter is speaking about the new program and its features, you show this elaborate overlay in the background. The difficulty here is with those advantages you can get from the Video Production Editing effects that we have covered already. Overlay graphics and other advanced video production editing effects provide the viewer with informative material to examine and read as the presenter is making their points verbally. This is all very good but you need to be careful. But if your monitor is too busy with Video Production Editing effects, it causes the viewer to spend an excess amount of time not only reading but also trying to figure out what all these buttons are for on the GUI, which takes the viewers attention off of what the presenter is saying. You have spent a lot of effort on the presenters audio track; it is vital to the structure of your whole Inter. video presentation, and you need the viewer to listen to it. So do not overload it so much with the video production editing effects that it confuses the viewer’s! Here’s a preferred method of using the overlay graphics. Lets use the very same example of GUI. The presenter is speaking of the GUIs many advanced features. As the presenter is speaking about a particular feature, do a graphic overlay only on that feature and add to the footage. This is a great way of using this Video Production Editing effect. This allows the viewer to look at the feature: he will read the text that is part of the graphic, and then he will continue to listen to the presenter. Using Video Production Editing effects in this way makes your presentation more elegant and accentuates the point the presenter is attempting to say. After you place the information up onto the monitor, you can either leave it in place for the entire speech or remove the Video Production Editing effect, it all depends on your approach. Overlay special Video Production Editing effects are often interesting, but need to be used cautiously. Imagine that the presenter is explaining about the new CD on weightloss that you are trying to promote. You can have the presenter lift their arms as they mention the power of weightloss, then with your software attach an animated flash of lightening. This is definitely entertaining, even a bit cheesy, and adds a bit of drama too, but if used too much this could be very irritating. When doing this kind of video effects you need to use them only about one or two times in a video. Chroma-key effects are something of a different nature, basically because you have to plan ahead to film footage in chroma-key from the design stage and throughout video. It cant be said to use limited chroma-key effects since you usually film all this type footage against what they call green screen. What you need to do in this case is to create your chroma-key type effects to appear as seamless as is humanly possible. You need to use, whenever you can, large, sharp product images, existing photographic type backgrounds, or basically things that do not have a stretched, blurred, or are otherwise distracting visually. Also make certain that not only your presenter but also your product is distinguishable on the chroma-key background. The biggest mistake you can make with this effect is to let your presenters hair color or shirt color, etc. blend into the background, or other such errors. So use this video production editing effect correctly for its full advantage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: