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A group of young people go shopping in the morning? The police tracked the door destroyed MLM dens Beijing – "in the morning, where so many young people?" The morning of August 23rd, new police station patrol patrol to the friendly street, found more than 20 young men and women walking in the street, patrol suspect they may be illegal MLM, secretly follow the observation, finally successfully destroyed a MLM dens. With these young people, patrol police walked into a district of Xingqing. By asking residents who reflect recently there are some strange foreign youth in the district gathered, after further observation, police initially determine the young man went in the room is MLM dens. Day at 1 am, police found suspicious personnel into the room, then, the new police station quickly organized police investigation, arrested on suspicion of illegal pyramid selling personnel on the spot, 23. According to police reports, the room is about 100 square meters, and a bedroom, with more staff, they were to sleep on the floor, the whole house is simple. After police verification, 23 sales personnel were cheated, they come from Henan, Sichuan, Gansu and other places, the majority of high school graduates, some college graduates, because of job seekers eager, by the friends of friends, believe that the rich, finally fall into the MLM organizations. At present, 23 MLM cheated after criticism and education all sent. The case is under further digging into. Newspaper reporter Shi Yonglei相关的主题文章: