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Sales Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, a consultant who is married, with or without children, and you are involved with a direct sales business, you will want home parties to be successful and enjoyable for you and your guests. In order to encourage sales and possibly motivate people to join in and have their own home parties, the home party planning needs to consist of activities that your guests will find pleasurable. In addition, consultants should motivate sales by offering something beneficial to buyers, such as small discounts for first-time purchases, or a discount if they buy a certain sum of products. Everybody wants his or her home party show to be a hit! Need ideas for good games to play at your home party show? Ultimately, you can invent one of your own games as well, which might be even more lucrative and exciting for you and those attending your home party. Home Party Plan Ice Breaker Game: The I Love Game is easy and fun. To Play this game: *Have small sheets of paper handy *Hand each guest a piece of paper and a pen or pencil you can hand out pens or pencils that have your business name and your phone number and/or URL o Ask your guests to write down one thing they love to do for housework yes, housework you might be surprised that some women do enjoy some aspects of housekeeping *Now, ask them to write down two reasons why they love that particular chore o When your guests have finished writing down their favorite chore and the two reasons why they love it, have each person read what she or he wrote o No, it does not end here there is a twist to this game o When a guest reads what her or his most-loved chore is, that guest has to substitute the name of the chore with another title, something .pletely out of perspective, dissimilar to the loved chore. *For example, if one guest said that she loves to polish the coffee table, she could replace polish the coffee table with pillowcase, and the two reasons she reads (why she loves polishing) would be for the pillowcase. This is .ical and will likely get people laughing. Pick Fun Games For Home Show Ultimately, there are numerous games to select for home parties, such as bingo and pin the tail on the donkey, and, unbelievably, grownups truly love playing pin the tail on the donkey. Try to select a game that is popular and not boring. A good game to play at your home party show will be one that gets people involved, gets them thinking and hopefully gets them laughing. Playing an icebreaker near the beginning of your home party will help your guests relax, and if you are nervous, you will feel more at ease as well. Then the rest of the event will run more smoothly. You and your guests can play two or three more home party games, possibly even a door prize game. You can also raffle off one of your products. You should do well with sales and your home party plan will be a hit too, providing you keep everybody entertained during the event. Happy guests will tell others about your event, and some of them might even want to have you show them how to do what you do. Other tips: encourage questions about your business. Answer enthusiastically and help your guests see how fun, easy and lucrative direct sales are. Oh, and do not f.et snacks and beverages, like crackers, chips and dip and tea, water and/or soda. Make sure to have diet products for folks who are watching their carbs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: