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Travel-and-Leisure Tourist Horseback Riding in Aruba Dating back from their Hispanic roots, Aruba has always had a place in their heart for horses so its no wonder that many Arubans grow up with a love for riding or be.e professional horsemen themselves. Luis and Ramon Herrera decided to turn their passion for horses into a thriving business through Rancho la Ponderosa, giving visitors a chance to interact with these creatures during their Aruban vacation. With 30 years of experience under their belt, the Rancho la Ponderosa holds many riding tours on the beaches of Wairiruri Beach cove and the Gold Mill ruins. Another tour also takes visitors to the Ostrich Farm, the Bushiribana Ruins and the Natural Bridge, one of Arubas most preserved and historic attractions. Each tour will cost about $100 for adults and $65 for kids but is a reasonable price considering one gets to interact with these gentle animals during your Aruban vacation. Seeing Natures Beauty with Arikok National Park Aruba Although Aruba is more well-known for its world-class beaches, the natural wonders of its topography go unmissed even in the scientific world. Aruba as an island was formed through different rock formations from quartz, lava and limestone. The .bination of these produced some of the most fertile lands which are ideal for different species. The Arikok National Park stands where these three stones have primary geological formations, rock formations in laymans terms, and in its borders are so many types of plants and wildlife species from birds, snakes and trees to even the tracing of the early development of the Amerindians in this island. The National Park is also able to explain that the rock formation is the cause of the different gold deposits the island is so famous for. Arikok is a great place to unwind and take in Natures beauty whether for scientific purposes or not. So dont be afraid to get lost in its wonder as it is truly worth it. Exploring the Sea with Atlantis Submarines Arubas beaches arent the only thing thats beautiful in this island, the marine life is just as thriving as the beach scene. And what better way to explore this than going on a submarine where one can check out the surroundings as much as they want without the effort one can expect from snorkeling or scuba diving. Atlantis Submarine Aruba found in Oranjestad starts with a shuttle boat taking visitors to the Subseeker, and then from there, the captain takes visitors down to 130 feet to see the Caribbean marine life personally. There are many marine species, corals and shipwrecks under the Caribbean waters and as said, one can enjoy it in the .forts of an air-conditioned room. Atlantis Submarine also has another semi-submarine which does not actually go underwater but just steps down enough for guests to have an observatory set in water. The tour has been so successful in recent years that many award-giving bodies consider it as the greatest attraction in Aruba. Passion Unleashed with Aruba Deep Sea Fishing Going deep sea fishing takes a tremendous amount of concentration as the deep waters and the railing of the fishing boat, as well as your skill to keep still and wait, are the only .panions youll have for a few hours or so. However, its also one of the most rewarding sports or hobby to consider with the prize a beautiful 70 pound billfish, blue marlin or possibly any game fish imaginable. The waters of Aruba is a great spot for this sport, holding varied species of fish, weighing bigger and heavier with each catch, such as bonitos, kingfishes, yellowfinned tunas, barracudas and a shark if youre really lucky. There are several .mercial fishing boats which can be chartered for a day or half a day during your Aruban vacation, depending on how passionate you are at the sport. .mercial fishermen at the different Aruban piers usually allow their boats to be rented or one can also hire professional guides like Red Sail Sports Aruba. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: