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A different kind of travel in Shexian – Sohu travel this trip is a different journey, follow the city travelers this one-stop travel content dissemination platform to say a go on a trip. Traveler city public art activity platform, designed to bring together many outstanding works of art and artists, through public art activities in the industrial chain, the classic works of community service, the transfer of public art and cultural value, bring more spiritual wealth and life for the public pleasure. Not the same as the team is not to travel to write travel notes, but a trip to the scenic area planning a special trip. In order to create a more humane scenic, let visitors come to intentnesses, easily understand the scenic spots, to understand how the most fun, how to play the most worry time, the sentence is to let visitors play happy, happy play! There is no doubt that we are a little more responsibility, we can say that we can play at the scenic spot, where to go, so as to find out the shortcomings of the scenic spots, to further improve the comfort of the scenic spots. A group of travelers from all over the country gathered together to join together with the planning of the road trip. Wearing the same T-shirt, with the same belief: " First World Music and music " in the ancient city of Huizhou before the group photo, to commemorate this is not the same happy travel. In the residence of the cloud villa, assigned the task, make up the group, began a different journey. Style of the ancient city of Damon found here was not introductionsmall and map, this is very convenient for tourists, scenic spots do not know what can play, how to play more convenient, time how to play, a short time can play well in planning. So that it is necessary to map a. In the "Mount Huangshan emblem beauty, Chaohu spring, Li Yin, Jiuhua Buddha, Langya drunkard and a beautiful artificial natural landscape, not only reflects the great achievements and cultural landscape of Anhui social and economic development has been reflected in the Anhui people’s love of nature, and upwards, condensate heart the spirit of cohesion, but also shows the future the new image of Anhui. Huiyuan is a large comprehensive financial show as one of the Anhui Memorial, sightseeing and entertainment sightseeing park. Xu Shihfang, also known as the University square, commonly known as the "eight foot arch". Anhui province is located in Huangshan City city of Shexian and the east gate, across the street. In the twelve years of Ming Dynasty (AD 1584) October. Xu Xu Shihfang is returning in his hometown of Shexian in this workshop. Xu Shihfang, its not usually four but eight column form all Wai, the country only in this case is made for the arch of feudal society, imperial, benevolent and meritorious commendation of filial piety is the carrier construction, the best interpretation of the ancient history and culture Chinese. As the country’s rare Ming large stone arch and China existing only an octagonal arch, has become one of the symbol of the ancient city of Huizhou. The Triumphal Arch of the orient". The inscription Shifang great painter from the hand of Dong Qichang. The workshop "learn before Chen ‘, is reading an official, it tells people that many of the regular training, by virtue of the national Minister of intelligence. Here is the Huizhou government during the period of song Shaoxi (1191-1194), the state was destroyed by the big ya.相关的主题文章: