A couple in Chongqing for 100 yuan for her husband left home wives cited cited disputes-christie stevens

A couple in Chongqing for 100 yuan cited disputes lead to her husband left home wife for Chongqing evening news   the evening of September 14th, through the open area of Wansheng resident Zhang Meng (a pseudonym) couples because of family chores at odds, choose from the calm. The day before yesterday morning, he was ready to go home but found the door lock core changed by his wife, he immediately called the police. "My wife and I have trouble to enter the door, if she was in the house of what happened, you help me to persuade." The day before yesterday morning, Zhang Meng worried that his wife had an accident, Wansheng alarm to the police for help, Wandong town police station immediately went to the scene to understand the situation. Zhang Meng told the police, the day before the incident, his wife is preparing for the renovation of the new premises to move an air conditioner, the need for 100 yuan of labor costs. Zhang Meng believes that the current two people live quite well, there is no need to go to waste money, do not want to spend this $100. Then the couple of two people who had a dispute over the $100, and finally took place. In order to avoid the expansion of the situation, Zhang Meng left home that night, go cold treatment. I did not expect to go home and found that the key has always been unable to open their doors, a careful look at the lock core was changed. He’s been calling his wife, but the other party is not answering the phone. In order to confirm the safety of his wife, he chose the alarm. After the police call Zhang Meng to provide his wife’s phone, his wife told the police that he had nothing to do, so that the police do not worry, she is willing to negotiate with her husband to resolve. Police confirmed that the parties did not leave the security problems. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent   Xia Xiangzhou相关的主题文章: