9.9 yuan purchase lanbiao Harvard H2 half tempted to second camp clonecd

9.9 yuan purchase lanbiao H2 half tempted Harvard and Harvard H2 lanbiao second camp Chengdu auto show dazzling debut, Harvard mall invites you to camp carnival, thousand yuan coupon, 50 percent off Car Buying value value enjoy welfare right. 9.9 yuan purchase interest in September 2nd, Harvard login mall, online orders and online payment of 9.9 yuan enjoy 1000 yuan preferential Car Buying, October 16th 23:59 before going to the shop and signed off Car Buying contract, you can get 50 percent off Car Buying right seckill opportunity; the deposit refundable; verification, verification, 9.9 yuan deposit is not refundable, not to Car Buying paragraph. 50 percent off seconds Car Buying right Camp 10:00 in October 18th, Harvard mall website to open on time seconds, seckill success can enjoy lanbiao Harvard H2 half off Car Buying right (1), 1000 yuan can also enjoy preferential; the premise of car users don’t seckill seckill worry, after the announcement of the results of 4S stores will contact the user purchased the car against the difference. In order to guarantee the fairness of the activities, the the Great Wall group’s internal staff are not involved in the half seckill activities, popular models of shaking off seconds, challenge the bottom line price, missed one, wait for N years, the babies quickly move up.       activity of two-dimensional code or login Tmall at Harvard mall official flagship store in scanning map.    相关的主题文章: