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The 8 wrong eggs we eat in our daily life are the main characters in many domestic dishes. However, not everyone understands their cooking skills. Recently, the United States Food Web site "daily meal" article, summed up the "cooking eggs common mistakes", for your reference. With a bowl or the stove edge crack egg. Choose the stove tops plane clean (not the bowl) break the egg, can prevent the pollution caused by falling into the broken eggshell bowl, and also avoid the fish out of the egg broken eggshell waste. Boiled eggs. Try not to put the egg into boiling water, otherwise, not only caused the breakdown of eggshell, egg outflow, and easy to burn your fingers. The correct approach is, egg cold water pot, slow heating, fire boil for 3 minutes after boiling, soaked for 5 minutes after the ceasefire. The boiled egg is tender and the egg yolk is not old. Such as boiled egg after natural cooling and. This peeling is not only time consuming, but also easy to let in the protein on the shell, resulting in waste. Saving time and not waste it is cooked out immediately after the egg into the cold water, the feeling is not hot, and as soon as possible. Fried eggs. Fried quickly, it is easy to egg fried paste, and lead to its hard taste. Fried egg is best with medium and low fire gently stir fry, so scrambled eggs will not be old, the taste is more smooth. Fried Eggs before the hard stir egg cake. The egg stir fried hard Egg cakes taste too hard. Stir the egg does not need too much effort, if add some water or stir fried butter, the Egg cakes not easy to paste pot, but also soft and delicious. Add salt to poached eggs. When you cook a poached egg, just add a little vinegar (rather than salt) to the hot water. After boiling for 3~4 minutes, the eggs can be fished out, so the boiled eggs taste more tender. Use wok. It’s better to make egg dishes with nonstick pots than with stainless steel pots or pans. The reason is very simple. Once the egg is sticky, the pot is easy to paste. When you cook with eggs, you end up with spices. The fried egg and Fried Eggs cake, egg or fast stir the pot before, should add salt and pepper and other spices, ensure uniform seasoning. Hangzhou aunt believes egg shell can supplement calcium, even eat more than half a year esophageal card

生活中我们吃鸡蛋常常犯的8个错误 鸡蛋是很多家常菜中的“主角”,然而,并不是所有人都了解其烹饪技巧。近日,美国美食网站“每日一餐”载文,总结出“烹调鸡蛋的常见错误”,可供大家参考。用碗或灶台边缘敲破鸡蛋。选择干净的灶台台面等平面(而非碗边)敲破鸡蛋,可以防止碎蛋壳落入碗中,造成污染,同时也避免了捞碎蛋壳带出蛋液造成浪费。沸水煮鸡蛋。尽量不要将鸡蛋放入沸水中煮,否则不但造成蛋壳破裂,蛋液流出,而且容易烫伤手指。正确的做法是,鸡蛋冷水下锅,慢火升温,沸腾后微火煮3分钟,停火后再浸泡5分钟。这样煮出来的鸡蛋蛋清嫩,蛋黄凝固又不老。等熟鸡蛋自然冷却后剥壳。这样剥壳不但费时费力,还容易让蛋白留在蛋壳上,造成浪费。省时省力又不浪费的做法是,煮好的鸡蛋捞出来后马上放入冷水,感觉不烫手时,尽快剥壳。大火炒鸡蛋。大火快炒很容易将鸡蛋炒糊,并且导致其口感发硬。炒鸡蛋最好用中低档火轻轻翻炒,这样炒出的鸡蛋就不会老,口感也更柔滑。煎蛋饼前使劲搅蛋液。使劲搅蛋液煎出的蛋饼口感偏硬。搅蛋液不需要用太大力气,如果搅时加点水或奶油,煎出的蛋饼不容易糊锅,还松软可口。煮荷包蛋时加盐。煮荷包蛋时,只需在热水(不烧开)中加少许醋(而非食盐)。煮3~4分钟后,即可将鸡蛋捞出,这样煮出的荷包蛋口感更嫩。使用铁锅。用不粘锅做鸡蛋菜肴比用不锈钢锅或铁锅更好。原因很简单,鸡蛋一旦粘锅就容易变糊。用鸡蛋做菜时,最后才放调料。对炒鸡蛋和煎蛋饼而言,搅蛋液时或快入锅前,就该加入盐和胡椒等调料,确保调味均匀。 杭州大妈深信吃鸡蛋壳能补钙 连吃半年多食道被卡相关的主题文章: