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Reference-and-Education The laws of the universe are quite valuable, in that they are highly inspiring and motivating, especially in a day and age when most people have be.e quite cynical. So, you have to make sure you know what the laws actually are. Here are some handy hints: 1.Does it hurt anyone on purpose? The laws of the universe do not aim to purposely hurt anyone, because if they did have that characteristic, then the world would fall into absolute chaos! Something doesn"t have to be absolutely angelic to be considered a decent law, just as long as it serves the greater good. Anything that only serves to make other people miserable is something that every person should expressly avoid. What good will that do? Spreading pain and sorrow is not the way to go in this day and age. 2.Is it easy to understand? There"s a reason why they call the laws of the universe "universal" in the first place. They have to be something that every single person on this planet, regardless of their age or gender or cultural heritage, will be able to understand and accept. They didn"t expect these laws to be for the greater good if they didn"t actually help majority of the world, right? So, if you encounter a principle that seems quite difficult to wrap your head around, it might be wise to be a little wary. If you can"t swallow it, what makes you think other people from the different corners of the world will? 3.Have you actually practiced them in the past? Don"t be surprised if you recall practicing one or more of the laws of the universe in the past, back when you weren"t really spending your time pondering over such laws. This is because rules that help out with the greater good are things that occur to us naturally, automatically. They occur to us without us having to really think them through. Be more wary, in fact, if you actually have to think too hard about a certain rule or principle. If it"s not as simple as you want it to be, it probably won"t be very effective. 4.Does it have a gender requirement? When it .es to the formulation of the laws of the universe, gender should never be a determining factor for anything. If you want laws that help to maintain and to further the greater good, what does your sexual preference have to do with it? So what if you"re a straight male, a gale female, a transsexual, or none of the above? The law has to work regardless of who you find attractive, because that is a personal choice that barely has anything to do with how all of us, as a collective, get by. The line has to be drawn between what concerns everyone and what concerns just a single person. 5.Will you want to teach them to your children? If you are a parent or are planning to be.e one, you must have several principles in life that you would want to teach your offspring from the get go. Whichever rules tend to fall under this crucial category have a very good chance of being part of the roster for the laws of the universe. Most every parent would want to teach their child ways to impart goodness or work towards the greater good. One would be hard pressed to imagine a parent who consciously teaches a child to be an evil little thing, or to teach the child things that will actually hurt them in the end! These laws are pretty serious business, and to take a certain rule or principle as one of these laws even when it"s not is going to lead to disaster. Make sure to avoid this at all costs by memorizing the hints listed above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: