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Astrology Have you ever heard of a cookie that can make you fortunate? Well, getting your future predicted through a personalized fortune cookie is an ancient way of discovering yourself once again. Earlier, Chinese used to predict future with a personalized fortune cookie. Since, then it has be.e a significant part of Chinese astrology. A personalized fortune cookie is a crisp and delicate cookie prepared from flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk which is baked around a fortune, a piece of paper with words of faux wisdom or vague prophecy. In fact, a personalized fortune cookie can also contain lucky numbers and a Chinese phrase with translation. It is usually served with Chinese food as a dessert. However, with the times, personalized fortune cookie is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world, including United States and other European countries. The personalized fortune cookie is a way to predict fortune of a person who gets it and eats it too! This was a perfect way to get predictions through fortune cookies in China. In fact, it was auspicious for a person who used to get one, and according to some anecdotes, very few people use to get personalized fortune cookie and moreover used to earn a huge fortune. Personalized fortune cookie is considered as an integral part of various occasions and events taking place in any of the Chinese household. Well, it is also considered as a fun activity in many of the American cities, people get personalized fortune cookie for weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties to wish luck to their dear and near ones. You get them in a variety of strawberry, raspberry, mango, lemon, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, orange, cherry, blueberry, passion fruit, fruit punch and mint flavors. In fact, many of the multinational enterprises order personalized fortune cookie for their promotional campaigns, advertisements, social gatherings and other business related occasions and events. In fact, you can use personalized fortune cookie as invitation card, all you have to do is to bake cookies with an invitation messages for weddings, birthday and anniversary invitations. This will not only make you unique but you will also gain popularity among your family members. Therefore, personalized fortune cookie is a way to fame and success. Well, if you dont want to predict future, then also you can use it, for example you can put a gift into personalized fortune cookie with a message attached that ways the person receiving the personalized fortune cookie will be surprised and thankful to you for making him or her special and fortunate with your love and blessings. The purpose will be solved by sending them good wishes and a personalized message through personalized fortune cookie. If you are looking forward to buying a personalized fortune cookie, and do not know from where you can procure one, then do not worry, and log onto the customized fortune cookie manufacturer and binge. The cookie manufacturer will offer you a large variety of personalized fortune cookie according to your needs. Thus, personalized fortune cookie is way to go for a better fortune that you have been waiting for About the Author: 相关的主题文章: