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Email-Marketing Electronic mails .monly known as emails have been a popular medium of exchange since 1993 (approx.). The message is sent from the sender to the receiver through an electronic transmission. Email systems are designed to work on the basis of store and forward model. The integral steps of this model are: 1. Accept: the email servers accept the message. 2. Forward: they forward the message to the receiver wirelessly 3. Deliver: the delivery of the email is received by the receiver if his system is connected to the server. 4. Storage: the storage feature was a revolutionary step for email service providers. The sender and the receiver were no longer required to be connected through a system online. They could view the email at their own will. The email marketing .pany provides email marketing services i.e. email services that is sent for .mercial purpose to a client. The various forms an email marketing .pany employs are ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations. The main purpose of email marketing is: Increasing customer loyalty Persuading people to be.e customers or encouraging present customers to buy their products An email is sent or read by people all over the world therefore it inculcates globalization of product marketing. Lets focus on the email services India provides. There are many email providers around the globe amongst them the most popular service provider is Gmail from Google; it is relevantly newer than other free email services however it has established its feet in the market it. Gmail was launched in 2004 and initially only accepted members with invitation. This service became available to the general public later in the year. Second to Gmail is yahoo mail by Yahoo and hotmail by Microsoft respectively. Indiatimes was one of the first email services India had along with Rediff and Sify however its closure on 18th February 2013 has undoubtedly raised several questions as to the doom mapped out for other Indian service providers. The main cause of failure has been attributed to 2 factors incessantly: 1. Customer stagnation: The number of consumers in the market is limited and the number has reached its exhaustion. Therefore theres a need to .e up with various new techniques or new features in order to attract customers. 2. Drifting existent consumers: The existing consumers have been inclined to change their email service to the more popular forms present in the market mainly Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. The email services India provides should ideally have a massive clientage because India is a habitat of 1.2 billion people, which is the second most populous country. India has a lot of potential and its people are considered as one of the most intelligent people all over the world. However due its drop in GDP and its developing stage the people are not able to make optimum utilization of their potential. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: