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Travel-and-Leisure As a frequent flier I’ve travelled out of Blackpool dozens of times, mostly on short domestic business trips. Every time I use the available parking options at the airport. Parking at Blackpool Airport itself is of course rather dear unless you don not mind paying the short stay rate. There are several other cheaper ways which I reserve over the internet and as I have tried the majority of them I have be.e somewhat of a parking specialist. Sharing my experiences might save you some trouble. Over a long period of time I’ve tried plenty of alternative ways for off-site parking at Blackpool airport, with mixed results. All of the parking sites are well-secured and in most cases professionally operated, but it depends on how much time you have at the end of the day before your flight departs and which direction you are .ing from. Obviously it also important knowing how much money parking will cost you. The best available service, if you want to make it very convenient for yourself is the chauffeured parking option, because you easily drive up to the airport, get your luggage out of your car and let staff take it away. When you return from your business trip or vacation you give them a ring (sometimes while disembarking) and there they are waiting for you! One of the re.mendable car parks which offer this service is Skypark but their rate is more expensive. Another well-established parking site which is situated nearby the terminal is Blackpool Long Stay Car Park. Their site is highly secured. You just have to drive into the park, push the button for a voucher and keep it with you. When you return from your trip you take your voucher to the information counter together with your confirmation and the voucher will be validated for you. As you leave the parking site, insert the voucher into the slot and then you are ready to depart. To get the cheapest rate possible it is advisable to pre-book parking here online. The cheapest options are also located the furthest away from the airport so you always have to be sure you reach the area with enough time left before check in time, if you are not really confident then just make use of the valet service, which is pretty painless. The best advice I can give is using online sites to plan your trip. Don’t be afraid of them, I’ve used them many times and always every thing went fine. They are usually the ones offering the best rates. Especially the aggregated parking businesses offer the cheapest fees across all the available options. According to my personal opinion, it makes it all a lot more painless. Here are a few of my absolute favourites for your benefit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: