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Dental-Care Wel.e back to our four-part article series on dental implant costs! There are many different factors that contribute to the gradual deterioration of your teeth, say implant dentists. Poor oral hygiene, periodontal (gum) disease, smoking, hard drinking, accidental trauma, teeth grinding, general wear-and-tear and certain illnesses can cause one or more of your teeth to be.e irreparably damaged or decayed. The affected tooth will then either fall out on its own or require extraction, which is when you, the patient, face an important decision. Your dentist will tell you that dental implants are the best possible solution to missing teeth; they look, function and feel just like natural teeth and they last longer than any other tooth replacement technology. Unfortunately, owing to the skills and resources that go into their manufacturing and surgical placement, dental implant costs are generally higher than any of the other tooth replacement technologies, such as bridges and dentures. But the benefits and advantages offered by dental implant costs far outweigh any price discrepancies. In our previous article post, we began exploring the various reasons why dental implant costs represent a worth-while short and long-term investment. In this article, the second installment of a four-part series, we shall continue to look at why anyone who has suffered from tooth-loss should opt for this sophisticated dental technology. Dental Implant Costs – Worth It? YES! Reason # 2: Fancy a steak for dinner? You got it! Eat what you want, when you want. Dental implant costs get patients a new tooth or teeth that are manufactured from exceptionally strong and durable materials (titanium metal and ceramics), thus enabling them to use this technology as they would any natural healthy tooth. In order to fully appreciate this, check out the following statistics relating to bite force. A person with a mouth full of healthy teeth bites down with a force of 200 pounds per square inch. This enables them to handle all kinds of tough, chewy and fibrous foods. Denture wearers experience a 75% reduction in bite force at 50 pounds. This requires quite a substantial .promise as far as the menu is concerned. But this is not the worst of it Patients who have been wearing dentures for 15 years and longer are typically only able to bite down with a force of 6 pounds! The impact this has on their diet is huge and is one of the biggest causes of malnutrition in the elderly. If you thought you were saving money on opting for the cheaper tooth replacement technology, think again. The real cost you pay is in your ability to lead a normal, healthy life and there can be nothing more miserable than sacrificing the joy that .es with meal time! Covering those dental implant costs gets you a new set of teeth that enables you to manage a balanced diet. Eat what you want, when you want! Dental Implant Costs – Worth It? YES! Reason # 3: Dental implants feel like natural teeth. It can be very difficult for a patient to fully appreciate the dental implant cost benefit of replacement teeth that feel like natural teeth. Its only until youve been forced to wear removable dentures for a few months that you wish you had just covered the dental implant costs in the beginning! Dental implants feel like natural teeth because, until any other dental technology, they replace the roots as well as the crowns of the teeth. This not only supports a healthy jaw bone, it also makes activities such as eating and biting down feel natural, thus reducing the self-consciousness associated with having an artificial tooth or teeth. Never underestimate this benefit, say implant dentists; oral dis.fort is the number one reason patients wish they had just paid dental implant costs instead of opting for an inferior technology. Dental Implant Costs: Stay Tuned Stay tuned for the third installment of this four-part series to read more on dental implant costs and the many reasons this investment is worth it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: