Luxury Ski Chalet Provides Heli Skiing In Austria.-matlab 等高线�

Holidays Lech offers newly designed and functional ski chalets and hotels in one of the best ski holiday areas in Austria. It is one of the most exciting and adventurous ski destinations for adventurous people. Why not try heli skiing. Do you need a helicopter? Well it helps, if you dont want the added fuss and equipment needed to trek into areas of natural wilderness and beauty before embarking on the adventure of a life time. Fresh snow, fast downhills, snow chutes and glaciers all await those adventurous enough to take up the challenge. Ski touring and ski mountaineering provide immense joy for those hardy enough and fit enough to cope with the rigours of carrying equipment and often resorting to walking those skis uphill. Heli skiing does it the easy way. Climb on board the ride of a life time; fly over the barren white glaciers, the steep drops and marvel at the height you can climb in relative ease and luxury. Then unpack the ski gear, strap on the safety equipment and let yourself become one with the mountain. Down through deep powder, carving out your own distinct route in the snow and glide on down to tree filled glades and the valley below. Take your time it could be a long wait for the next helicopter! Having started the day in the heavens and experienced the thrill of getting out there early on the slopes why not relax in heaven at your very own spa and treatment centre. Take in some natural refreshments and spend a pleasant hour or two before dinner unwinding and recovering for another adventure on the slopes. Speak to the ski butler and find out the best locations for an early start the next morning into another white paradise. Experience is needed; heli skiing leaves you remote, on your own in areas of unpredictable weather and snow conditions. It would be wise to take an experienced Alpine guide, an experienced mountain guide or ski mountaineering guide. Unless you have a high degree of off piste ski ability you re probably better off on the slopes and pistes with your friends in relative safety. If something does go wrong on the piste there is usually somebody near by to offer a hand, call for help or seek refuge in a near by Alpine bar. High on the mountain with limited equipment and unpredictable snow territory it is essential that you know what you are doing. A luxury ski holiday for those with a taste for adventure is a reality at Aureliolech, Austria. This luxury ski chalet offers local heritage and hospitality with the finest of touches. Individually designed rooms and suites are there to live in almost a home from home but with your every desire catered for. And for those not content with a day on the slopes, spend some time in the fitness suite with a personal trainer or take a spa treatment and indulge yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: