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Home-Appliances Bathroom is one of the most cherished places in a home. This is where most of the people love to spend their most concealed moments. It therefore goes without mentioning that people are finicky about the hygienic conditions in the bathroom. Its not just the type of cleaning detergent used by the people in the bathroom but also the kind of floors one has that determines the possibility of keeping the bathroom absolutely gleaming. Bathroom tiles are the lone determinant of this. There are countless varieties in bathroom tiles. Porcelain, ceramic, granite, concrete, tera cota and marble are the standard bathroom tiles seen in many homes. The question of which of these tiles are the finest depends on individual preference. Concrete tiles are preferred in a number of previous century homes because they are safe and present no danger of slipping and falling. They are easy to sweep using a broom. But it has hard to keep concrete floors clean because there are a number of places for bacteria to hide. For the sake of cleanliness and beauty people have an inclination for marble, porcelain and ceramic. This is because they are trouble-free to clean and to keep tidy. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are found in white color and hence its easy to visibly observe any spots. Although these bathroom tiles are an all-time favorite, they pose troubles. One of the problems they pose is their slippery nature. So slipping and falling can be caused by a minute thing such as stepping on a bar of soap. So, designers have been battling to maintain a balance between the visual appeal of ceramics, porcelain, marble and safety. Marble is considered to be most visually appealing and luxurious of the types of bathroom tiles. Homes possessing marble floors tend to sell for more money and hence if you are thinking of selling your home, one of the finest ways to raise its resale value is to upgrade the floor of the bathroom to marble tiles so this is all a subject of preference. People who are more concerned about safety rather than beauty, will easily handpick concrete bathroom tiles while others will choose ceramic, porcelain, marble and ceramic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: