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Health Acid reflux is a painful and annoying condition that many people suffer from and can actually be a problem for years and years. Many people are diagnosed by their doctor and are given prescription medication or they take antacids with little or no relief. Acid reflux or acid indigestion is caused by too much acid in the stomach which is then pushed up into the throat causing a burning sensation and chest pains. There are many chemical treatments for acid reflux and even surgery, but something that many people overlook or have doubts about is herbal, home remedies like a vinegar cure for acid reflux. This cure is called Apple cider vinegar and has been used for centuries to cure a number of ailments like acne, allergies, burns, coughs, depression, blood pressure, aches, and gout among others. There are lots of people that have tried every treatment product on the market and then decided to use a vinegar cure for acid reflux. Many see results within a half an hour and claim to be cured after taking the vinegar cure for acid reflux twice a day. The apple cider vinegar is mixed with a glass of water and if you can manage to get past the taste you will be well on your way to curing a vast number of ailments. Many claim to have even gained a brighter .plexion after using the vinegar cure for acid reflux for a period of time. The apple cider vinegar must be real though and you should take care when buying it to not get something that is not 100 percent apple cider vinegar. Vinegar cure for acid reflux is something that most people will find strange because you are actually adding more acid into your stomach. The natural remedy actually counter balances the excessive production of acid. The vinegar cure for acid reflux works in the same way that hair products work. If you have oily hair and use hair products for oily hair, you are actually trying to dry your hair out. This seems to make sense, but what you do not realize, is that drying your hair out only makes your scalp produce more oil to rehydrate it, which gives you oily hair again. People who want dry hair must use hair products for dry hair. The same goes for the vinegar cure for acid reflux. You must give your body acid to stop it producing acid. You stomach will usually produce more acid than it needs to fight off too much fatty foods that have been consumed as well as spicy foods, gas forming foods, and sometimes coffee or other strong drinks. You should keep a diary along with taking the vinegar cure for acid reflux to assess which foods and drinks cause you to get heartburn and which ones are worse than others. So, why not try the vinegar cure for acid reflux. It is cheap and easy to use and will also have other benefits besides the curing of the acid reflux, so you can now enjoy life again without worrying when you will feel this wave of pain .ing along. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: