Tata Motors Trustworthy Or Not-sql2005安装图解

Automobiles A vehicle is what you need to travel distance beyond certain length and in todays world one has to reach out quickly and safely. For that people need automobiles, either personal cars or public transport. The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world. Tata motor is one of the Indias largest automobile companies and still there are many complaints against Tata motors. These complaints against Tata motors includes issues like bad after sales services, problems faced by vehicle owners regarding issues like battery and other vehicle parts and also customer care of Tata Motors. A customer purchased Tata motors Indigo CS GLX-Ltd. version (petrol) on October 2009. The problems started from first year itself. Within short time period of one year alternator had to be changed and originally provided battery had to be changed as well. Now with the starting of second year steering side, front window had to be changed, air circulator started making noise, exhaust keep running for about twenty minutes after the closure of vehicle. With such durability, it looks like car will stop working before complete payment of EMIs. At the end of 2011, customer tried to exchange this car with some other at the exchange offer provided by Tata Motors only, they estimated the price value of their own car INR 70,000 only. Value of car worth 4.5 lakh reduced to mere 70,000 within 2 years. Another customer who bought Tata Motors Indigo CS ELX model in October 2010 is facing similar kind of manufacturing problems. Customer is facing issues since he has purchased the car like Central Locking problem, indication of check engine stays on most of the time and there is some problem in the water pump of the car as well. As the car is on warranty period he complained about it and handled it to Tata motors they kept it for 3 to 4 days and then received it with confirmation that the car is fine now. After a week similar problem restarted and the same went on for three to four times. Customer feels that Tata motor is trying to delay the matter as long as the warranty period gets over. Now there is another issue regarding Tata indigo manza aura, car was bought on 17th June 2010 and on 20th June while travelling customer faced issues regarding air conditioner and head lamp. On visiting service centre, it was observed that the 5 A Fuse of the headlamp system had blown off. In addition to the defect of the air conditioning system is attributed to the loose pipeline joints and the faulty compressor resulting in the leakage of the AC gas. Another complaint against Tata Motor is regarding Tata Safari Gx model. The car was purchased on May 2011 and in the same month there were issues regarding clutch paddle, when the Car was checked by Mechanic, he found that there were problems in slip cylinder as well. Tata motors really need to work on these issues and should check the vehicles properly before delivering them to the customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: