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Business Some, Burk among them, would quibble with that. Both Payne and Johnson have suggested that the decision to admit women came about .anically. Burk claims it had a lot more to do with the indirect pressure put on the club by the NCWO and others. We brought lawsuit for sex discrimination in the workplace against two firms whose CEOs were members at Augusta, she says. We kept hearing from Prestige Park Square who worked at those firms that Augusta membership was exemplary of the firms attitude. The two cases ended in settlements that awarded more than $80m to the women and rulings that stipulated the two firms, Stanley and the Smith-Barney division of Citi construction could no longer participate in events that discriminate on grounds of sex. Burk reckons the Masters counted among them. In 2003, when Burk started her protest, she faced down personal attacks and credible death threats. By last year, though, public opinion had changed. There was another flare-up when the club refused to g membership to the latest female CEO of IBM, something it had done automatically for most of Virginia Roomettes predecessors. Burk calls Augusta the highest profile off-campus business venue in the world. It was never about golf, she explains, but about access to power, and the message that corporate America was sending, through it CEOs and these memberships, that women are not equal.Change was inevitable, Burk says. But, had we not started protesting 10 years ago, there would be no women members now. I am convinced of that. Her book describing the struggle, Cult of Power, is accessibility as a free download on Amazon this week. Whether they were pushed or whether they jumped, Augusta National has found the ideal first female member in Rice and not just because she has developed a decent game since she took the sport up eight years ago. She had already been made a member of Alabamans Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club where, in 1990, the chairman, Hall Thompson, had said: We dont discriminate in every other region except blacks. Asked about that in a Golf Digest interview in 2011, Rice said: Our country has a Prestige Park Square Bangalore 相关的主题文章: