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Software Drupal theme development is possible even for those with a fair amount of HTML and CSS knowledge. It is not necessary to have knowledge of PHP programming to customize the appearance and feel of any website. Website developers could access existing, already contributed themes at installing themes and many free contributed themes at Theme Garden. Further, expert Drupal web designers could be hired for creating custom themes that are quite unique in nature. Normally, the appearance is customized by the use of an already existing theme. Just the change of a few settings brings about stunning customization in existing themes in Drupal. It is quite possible to theme select sections of a website, certain types of content alone, or individual web pages. For example, just the front page alone could be specified to have a particular theme. Other Drupal Theme Applications Drupal theme development allows the changing of layouts, fonts, and images. Fields could be displayed or hidden, based on the role of users. Drupal themes respond dynamically to changes in content or changes in user input. Texts like labels and other variables that are generated by Drupal modules could be modified or replaced easily. Developers are able to port several open source designs between Drupal and other different systems, such as WordPress themes, joomla templates, etc. Any website template or layout conversion into Drupal theme is also quite easy. It is quite easy to browse Drupal these by version .patibility, release date, and usage. Since themes are highly helpful in changing the appearance and appeal of the Drupal website, using the contributed themes by other Drupal developers makes web design a simple and easy work. Drupal developers constantly create their own themes and upload them for use on a free basis by other web designers. It is also possible to create sub-themes for existing Drupal themes and the sub-themes would automatically inherit the resources of the parent theme. Drupal Maintenance Any Drupal consultant would be quite familiar with Drupal maintenance . Maintenance is undertaken in Drupal websites, when any changes are made to the site, when Drupal version is updated to install a new version, when the site is moved from one server to another server, or when new modules are installed. All these are achieved without any issues in the maintenance mode. This is achieved by creating a special Drupal maintenance page by the Drupal consultant. Further, Drupal itself contains a setting that allows the user or the developer to take the website temporarily to offline mode. This setting, named Site Maintenance, is situated under the Site Configuration Menu. In this mode, only the administrator would have access to the website and users would get the message that the website is offline or any other message that the administrator wishes to be displayed. After the maintenance work is .pleted, the administrator would be able to bring the website back into online easily. Thus, Drupal themes and maintenance options offer lot of flexibility in using Drupal in web development. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: