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Self-Improvement In my view, personal productivity is something that happens, when we have a skill or gifts in certain areas of life. These areas are: learning, organization, time management, mental control, creativity, and decision making. All six skills are very crucial for keeping "balls turning" and projects going forward. They are all necessary to achieve results in today’s .petitive world. People have started to talk about downsizing in life, but productivity still rules. Let us have a little deeper look at the skills just mentioned, one by one. Learning is important for personal productivity. Just think about all the new stuff and things we constantly need to learn, only to keep going in our everyday life. If nothing else, the user interface of Facebook has suddenly changed, and you have to learn that all again. Ways to learn more easily include faster reading, using mind maps, and for the more advanced also mnemonics (the art of memory tricks for better remembering). With organization skills, we mean the ability to organize things physically. A structured approach to this often helps for better information retrieval. Questions like "Where did I put that important letter?", tend to be frustrating, and especially when you are in a hurry. Two good measurements for your level of personal organization are: 1) the size of your email inbox, and 2) the tidiness of your desk at work. You know what I mean. Then we have time management skills. I classify time management as a sub-art to personal productivity. I say "time management" when I refer to managing tasks & email, calendar events, and managing procrastination. Skills in time management are key, as they relate directly to doing your work efficiently. Keeping yourself mentally healthy is crucial in society today. We are constantly faced with different pressures from the left and right. If you are not able to cope with stress, you might see your productivity sink through the floor. Ways to keep yourself mentally healthy include meditation, socializing, and living in the present moment. Creativity is also needed for optimal personal productivity. Luckily there exists generic ways to solve problems, something we often need to do at work. It is unpleasant having to .e up with a slide show to your boss on some specific problem, if you don’t have solution ideas. Luckily, good ideas can be generated. Lastly, we have decision making. Decision making is also an art. Some people almost fall apart when they have to make tough calls, others from even less. It is good to know that there exists some useful tools and tips for this area too. Putting in some effort and studying the areas above will help your personal productivity. That is guaranteed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: