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Home-Based-Business Hello women entrepreneurs of the world The journey of our life can seem at times to be bumpy and unsure. Yet, when you are sure of your faith and that there is a purpose for your journey, you can ride those bumps more easily and experience your greatest teacher. This experience helps us to make the life changing decisions that are necessary for our continued growth. Widowed 15 years ago when my children were aged 11, 10, and 3, I faced the calling of bringing up my children on my own. Not only that, but I had lost the person in my life who believed in me more than any other person ever has. He was ‘the wind beneath my sails’ and I realized how much of his time was spent in helping others to reach their full potential. More than that, I began to realize how few marriages are blessed in this way. Left without much money or support around me, I had to get on with it the best I could; but my husband had left me the priceless legacy of confidence in my ability to take on all challenges. The following year I faced breast cancer, and 2 years later, a recurrence. I was at that time homeschooling the children, and decided to let the two oldest go to high school; but I continued to homeschool the youngest. My prognosis was not good, but God still has me here. The learning curve of cancer is a very profound one that teaches all who are touched by it many lessons; not the least of which are the importance of good health and acceptance of self, others, and life. Travelling down the traditional path of medical treatment initially, I decided that finding alternative methods of restoring good health was more in keeping with my intuition. So, I studied all the information I could about health and fitness, and all that I discovered made me want to be.e a part of that world. Now, as a personal trainer (among other things), I am able to impart to people the life changing decisions I have made, and it is my personal mission statement:- ‘To meet each person where they are at and offer them something to help them get to where they want to go’ I am now a Grandmother of 2. My Granddaughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and our family is going through the learning curve of that experience; but the love my daughter has for her daughter is womanhood at its best. The acceptance of all that goes along with caring for this child is amazing to observe; and yet she still finds the time to ensure that her husband and son are loved just as much. Could it be that travelling along our journey together has been a large part of the preparation for her personal life journey? An interesting point to ponder! Now I have taken on the journey of working for myself and being an entrepreneur – a great way of living my dreams – and thrive on all the lessons that brings along with it. Learning how to develop leadership qualities, the challenges of personal development, and the practical skills we need to develop are exciting, but challenging at the same time. I am helped, however, by the use of a turnkey solution that uses a proven system. All these things .bine together to teach us what we need to grow and develop along life’s journey. Ellie Drake says, "What is then the true meaning of being an entrepreneur? Bringing about a positive shift in our own mind-set, being inspiration in action, and empowering others to live purposefully." As I continue to learn and do, I hope to be an inspiration to others, helping you along the way to begin living your dreams too. Courageous men and women, the ones who make a difference, always serve a purpose greater than themselves. I believe that being a part of the BraveHeart .munity is serving a greater purpose, while learning from others and their experiences. I thank God for the joy of this learning process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: