Cheap Magazine Printing Secrets Revealed – Part 1-霍金hawking

UnCategorized Purchasing low cost magazine printing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to print buying. This is because there are several different manufacturing methods used by magazine printers. It could cost you a small fortune, if you make the wrong buying decision and choose the wrong method. The three primary manufacturing methods magazine printers use are digital, sheet-fed, and heat-set web printing. The determination of the best method is based primarily upon the number of magazines you need printed. But, first the term "cheap magazine printing" must be defined, as it has important implications for choosing a great .pany with which to work. The term "cheap magazine printing" is defined as obtaining the best value for your dollar when buying magazine printing, not necessarily the absolute lowest price. Value is a .bination of a reliable, honest and ethical .pany, quality, service, turn-around, and price. Many people looking for cheap magazine printing place too much emphasis on price alone. Thus, they end up very disappointed with their final product without any recourse because the .pany they chose is only interested in making a sale. Other frequent buyer .plaints are using unscrupulous .panies which give you a low price, take your money, and then half way through production, tell you that you need to pay more money before you get your product. So when buying magazine printing on the internet, the Latin phrase, caveat emptor, is applicable which means, "let the buyer beware". A more prudent approach is to find a good printing .pany with the following attributes, develop a relationship, and stick with them, provided they can print your magazine using the production method you need. 1) The .pany makes every effort to establish open lines of .munication, with which you relate well. 2) They care about your business. 3) They make every effort to advise you about how to increase profits by lowering costs and increasing your revenue. Let’s move on to give you the approximate quantities of the three methods used for magazine printing: digital, sheet-fed, and heat-set web, which service the small, medium and large quantity print runs, respectively. There are no hard and fast quantities to determine which method is appropriate because the number of pages of the magazine acts as an additional variable. However, there are general guidelines which will overlap near the break points, again dependent upon the number of pages in the magazine. Generally, small quantities are from 1-1,000, medium quantities are from 1,000-10,000 and large quantities are 10,000-200,000 magazines. Please be advised that few, if any, magazine printers have all three types of equipment because of the high capital expense, and the different expertise required for each. So be careful that they don’t try to fit your job into the equipment that they have in-house. In conclusion, we defined the term, "cheap magazine printing" as getting the best value for your dollar, and discussed some of the attributes a magazine printing .pany should possess to ac.plish this. The three major production methods were identified as digital, sheet-fed. and heat-set web printing. Ball park quantities were given for each method, while noting that the number of pages of the magazine can skew these quantities in either direction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: