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After the Mid Autumn Festival, Shandong people deal with the remaining moon cakes in a variety of ways, Weifang News Network on September 19th after the Mid Autumn Festival, many people still have a lot of moon cakes home, manufacturers do not recycle, the public do not know how to deal with. On September 17th and 18, reporters visited found that some people made moon cake dishes, and others sold or sold on the Internet at low prices. Weifang People’s Hospital Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Pan Guanghui reminded the public, moon cake in storage should be placed in low temperature, ventilation place, beyond the shelf life must not eat. The manufacturer is not recycling, people committed to the morning of September 17th, the reporter came to the city of the Bund sunshine District Lee’s home. In the storage room, there are a lot of moon cakes piled up, some of them are in bulk, and several boxes are boxed. Ms. Li told reporters, these moon cakes are friends and relatives sent to the Mid Autumn Festival, but their family rarely eat moon cake, now after the Mid Autumn Festival, there are still many, which makes her and her family headache. "These moon cakes I want to send, but it has passed the Mid Autumn Festival, sending people is not appropriate.". But you can’t finish it. If you throw it away, it will be a pity. It’s a waste." Ms. Li sighed and said, her children do not live with her, and now she and her husband can only take the moon cake breakfast every morning, the key is now moon cake shelf life is relatively short, mostly in 30 days to 60 days, even if you eat one piece a day also can not eat. In this regard, Ms. Lee also thought a lot of ways to think about whether the moon cake manufacturers can recycle, but she gave the moon cake manufacturers to call, the other said it was not recycled. Subsequently, the reporter called 3 boxes of moon cake packaging manufacturers telephone, 3 manufacturers have made it clear that can not recycle the moon cake of Ms. Li’s home. Circle of friends sold at half price, has sold three boxes, not only Ms. Li, Mr. Yu, who lives in the city also has a lot of moon cake, different is, Mr. Yu use these moon cakes to cook food. From the beginning of last year, I have the rest of the moon cake made dishes, usually fried cakes, or put into Rice porridge, sometimes cut into small pieces put onion ginger and fried food etc.." Mr. Yu said that this can avoid waste, and this approach is particularly suitable for children’s taste. Reporters visited found that there are people who choose to sell moon cake in the circle of friends, or online replacement. In a classified information website, the reporter saw, the city civilian hotel moon cake for rice, oil and other daily necessities. One of the replacement of Mr. Wang said, they do not need to change into the need, so the two sides each one takes what he needs is a good choice. Ms. Tan, who lives in Kuiwei, sells her own cakes at a low price in the circle of friends. "I sold 3 boxes and sold them half price to friends, two boxes of traditional flavors, and a box of fruit flavors." Ms. Tan said that her friends felt good after they got it, and most importantly, avoided waste. Expired moon cake must not be eaten in September 18th, Weifang People’s Hospital Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Pan Guanghui reminded the public, for the remaining moon cakes at home, the public should try to put in the low temperature, ventilation of the ground network

中秋过后 山东人处理剩余月饼的方式花样百出   潍坊新闻网9月19日讯 中秋过后,不少市民家中仍然存有不少月饼,生产厂家并不回收,市民不知该如何处理。9月17日、18日,记者走访发现,有的市民将月饼做成菜,还有的则在网上低价出售或者置换。潍坊市人民医院中医科主任潘光辉提醒市民,月饼在保存时要放在低温、通风的地方,超出保质期后一定不要食用。   生产厂家不回收,市民犯了难   9月17日上午,记者来到城区阳光外滩小区李女士的家中。在储藏间里,堆放着不少月饼,有一些是散装的,还有几盒是盒装的。李女士告诉记者,这些月饼都是中秋节的时候朋友和亲戚送的,可是他们家很少吃月饼,现在过完中秋节了还剩下不少,这让她和家人十分头疼。   “这些月饼我也想送人,可是已经过了中秋节了,送人不太合适。可是自己又吃不完,如果扔掉会觉得可惜,非常浪费。”李女士叹了口气说,她的孩子并不和她住在一起,现在她和丈夫只能每天早上拿月饼当早餐,关键是现在月饼的保质期都比较短,大都在30天至60天,即使每天吃一块也吃不完。   对此,李女士也想了许多办法,想过是否能让月饼的生产厂家进行回收,但是她给月饼的生产厂家打去电话,对方称并不进行回收。随后,记者分别拨打了3盒月饼包装上生产厂商的电话,3家生产厂商都明确表示,不能回收李女士家的月饼。   朋友圈半价出售,已卖出三盒   不仅是李女士,家住城区的余先生也存有不少月饼,不同的是,余先生用这些月饼做菜吃。“从去年开始,我都是将剩余的月饼做成菜,一般都是将月饼炸一下,或者放进稀饭里,有时候也切成小块放上葱姜盐等炒着吃。”余先生说,这样可以避免浪费,而且这样的做法特别适合小孩子的口味。   记者走访发现,还有的市民选择将月饼在朋友圈低价出售,或者在网上进行置换。在一家分类信息网站上记者看到,有市民用大酒店的月饼换米、油等生活用品。其中一名进行置换的王先生说,将自己不需要的换成需要的,这样双方各取所需,是个不错的选择。   家住奎文区的谭女士则将自己的月饼在朋友圈低价进行出售。“我已经卖了3盒了,基本上都是半价卖给朋友,有两盒传统口味的,还有一盒是水果口味的。”谭女士说,她的朋友拿到后,都感觉不错,最重要的是避免了浪费。   过期月饼 一定不要食用   9月18日,潍坊市人民医院中医科主任潘光辉提醒市民,对于家中剩余的月饼,市民在保存时要尽量放在低温、通风的地方。月饼在开封后一定要尽快吃完,以避免变质。中秋节期间,经常会有吃月饼后导致肠胃不适的病例,因此,市民应注意月饼的保质期,超出保质期后一定不要食用。   除了将剩余的月饼做菜、置换等方式进行处理以外,市民还可以将一些吃不完的月饼捐给贫困地区或者家庭,一些孤寡老人等,这样市民既奉献了爱心,将月饼送给最需要的人,而且还避免了浪费。此外,市民还可以将剩余的月饼喂养宠物或者其他的动物等。   来源:潍坊新闻网相关的主题文章: