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Gelatin prices rose over ten years of 40 times the price will rise to 1500 yuan catty cooler weather, Wuhan street, the supermarket pharmacies began to glue fragrance counter supplements. Because the blood is mid eat gelatin habits of the public found that gelatin prices soaring, the price of a box of half a catty gelatin will rise to 1500 yuan, it has become a luxury. Multi brand gelatin or three or four "must buy it, not buying it up." Longtai Hankou large pharmacy store clerk pointed to a box of Dong’e Jiao told reporters, a box of 250 grams, the retail price is 1185 yuan, over time, the price should be adjusted to 1500 yuan. Last year is not a box of eight hundred yuan?" Reporter asked. "Yes, it’s up again this year." Her answer. The reporter then visited 100041, good pharmacists and other multiple chain pharmacies, the same specifications of the Dong’e County after the discount, the price is also approaching thousand. Other brands such as blessing card, lower prices, a box of catty installed in the price of five hundred or six hundred yuan. Many brands of gelatin price rise of three or four, or almost doubled. For the reasons for price increases, the majority of sales staff, said the price of raw materials". However, there are a few brands did not move. Xu East Zhongshang commercial Tongrentang counter sales staff said that this year, the price is 995 yuan catty gelatin. "Up last year, this year is not up." The drugstore glue accessories business is hot, many people worry stockpile. A drugstore sales staff out of pocket book, above the dense record of the public list, brewed gelatin formula, "a lot of people to book." Because the gelatin need to boil into the appropriate solid yuan paste taking, so even with accessories too hot up. "Sesame, walnut, jujube, longan, sugar…… These 7788 add up, have to spend nearly $two hundred." A lady told reporters, boil out of the finished product can eat one to two months, about three pounds. But this year prices, a little too much." Last year, she said, two boxes, ready to boil a box this year. This time, she chose the middle price of gelatin, full boil down, spent more than 800 yuan. The 10 year cumulative increase of more than 40 times what Ejiao a luxury? In November 17th, Dong’e Jiao issued price adjustment notice that Dong’e county key products Dong’e E-Jiao, Fej and peach Kyi gelatin cake factory price were up 14%, 28%, 25%, the retail price also made corresponding adjustments. According to statistics, since 2006, Dong’e E-Jiao price increases more than 10 times, the terminal retail price of ten years from 50 yuan rose to the current 500 grams 500 grams more than 2000 yuan, plus the increase of 14%, the cumulative increase of over 40 times. The last five years, Dong’e E-Jiao terminal retail price rose more fierce. In 2011, the lump sum price was increased by 60%, and the price was increased by more than 50% in 2012. The price of the last time in the year of the year of the year of 30% was more than in the year of 2013. In the year of 2014, the price was raised by 70% in the year of, and the price was raised by about 25% in the year of 2015. The. Although the price is fierce, Dong’e E-Jiao performance is also rising, the sales income of 940 million yuan from 2005 to 2015 of 5 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of nearly 6 times. Ejiao enterprises all over the world to find tight donkey hide from the donkey! Blessing brand Wuhan market manager Qiu said.相关的主题文章: