Next week, the nine largest blackout in Shenyang area for up to 18 hours (video)-cad2012序列号和密钥

Next week, the nine largest power outage in Shenyang area of up to 18 hours after work, but also the power outage in Shenyang! Next week, there will be more than 9 areas in Shenyang, the power outage, the longest 18 hours, most of the day! Shenhe District: 2016-09-20 07:00 – 2016-09-20 outage time 18:00 power range: East Changqing street, a street, west of Tiantan City Expressway to the south, and Changqing Street on both sides of expressway, and temporary headquarters, subway, subway line ten, Venice 4, Oriental silver temporary electrical property, the Milky Way Park Property 1, 2, Hun River shipping, and garden area, Eastern Venice, and the 4 stage, the Milky Way Park: 2016-09-20 05:00 – 2016-09-20 outage time 19:00 power range: to the west, east to the small South Street Youth Street, South West Binhe Road, North Road and along the path to the imperial postal printing, seven (fengyutan), fast roads, command CCB Branch Shun, Greentown property (dual power), Binhu Liyuan (dual power), the future of the city (dual power), five East 1 (dual power), Wu Aidong 2 (dual power), five East 3-1 (dual power), five East 3-2 (dual power), real estate building. The elevator is out of order the self-help zone of peace time: 2016-09-19 08:30 – 2016-09-19 power 18:00 power range: Xinhua Road road five North and south to the South and east part of Nanjing street, Sanya Street West of the double power outage affected one way: Shenyang locomotive stadium, single power outage users: Railway Experimental Middle School, enclosure box: 2016-09-21 08:00 – 2016-09-21 outage time 18:00 power range: South Sanhao new world scenic area, stop the impact of single power users: New World garden 1# dimensional substation, new world garden 2# dimensional substation, new world garden 3# dimensional substation, Sanhao bridge box, new the world garden 1# exchange station substation, new world garden 2# heat exchanger station substation, new world garden 3# heat exchanger station substation, new world garden, new world park lighting substation 1# 2# scenic park lighting substation, New World Garden Residential District of Huanggu: 2016-09-23 06:00 – 2016-09-23 outage time 18:00 power range: the Beijing Shenyang road two street to the north and south sides of the prison, nature road to the north of the river Po Road, on both sides of things Gate Village, Star Village, heavy forging hydraulic, source of power, Bozhong heavy, Wahaha (a gate on the line), (Wahaha kailey line), three Xin machinery, Donghua iron and steel, leather machinery, North Village, star nature prison, Dongxu elevator, elevator, Po billion into Heqiu home water hub, experimental middle school, welfare, food, home, Jane Mai, Shenyang space administration middle peasants Shenyang City, Yi industrial farms, gas manufacturing, financial school, advertising Institute, North advertising, Experimental Middle School District East outage time: 2016-09-20 – 2016-09-20 06:00 18:00 power range: Part of the labor Road and Yulin Street相关的主题文章: