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On the same day four cars were smashed but not lost belongings, police have been involved in the investigation of drunk drunk smashed cars hit a car, two arrested two vehicles, three vehicles, four vehicles! October 23rd, the western region of Shenyang within a radius of 10 km, a total of four vehicles were smashed in different locations, including the car for a taxi, a car for a private car. However, the valuables inside the vehicle is not lost. This is how to return a responsibility? The taxi has around 10 pm yesterday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter received a reader’s report, immediately rushed to the site of the incident in Tiexi in the Central District No. 55 South Street (opposite the east gate of the new campus of Shenyang University of Technology), Century City District in the south of the door, a red taxi is watching: Taxi windshield smashed crack a spider web like shape, window glass windshield, on both sides of the four door after they were smashed, broken glass scattered everywhere. The car rearview mirror on both sides of the car were take wings to itself before the machine cover; smashed three holes; the car headlights were smashed; four wheel tires deflated, left clear traces of fragmented weapon tire. It is estimated that the total maintenance costs more than 5000 yuan. "Lost a meter in the car, the rest are not lost, including change." The owner of the car told reporters that his family lived in the District, every night in the vicinity of the car. 22 at the end of the day when the car came back, around 23, about 6 to get the car, appeared on the above picture of the above 21. The car changed similarly in a disastrous state. In the Insider Guide, the reporter arrived at the place not far away from the work place second – Shen Liao road and Central Avenue intersection, near the area of a black Fulong garden, modern off-road car was in a disastrous state: before and after the windshield and on both sides of the window around the big hole; the headlights were smashed, taillight the car smashed crack; tire was sharp cut…… The owner of the car told reporters that he lived in the District, but also in the parking lot every day. 7 yesterday, he and his wife ready to drive out, did not expect to witness the amazing scene. He muttered, "you see, the car also placed a trolley, there is also carrying valuables, but did not move the box. Besides, nothing else in the car was lost." He told reporters that the car maintenance costs estimated over 10 thousand yuan. The other two taxis have to suffer great pan near the area, there are two taxi smashed, the specific circumstances and the two car, insiders told reporters, only one taxi is only three tires slashed weapon. Some people told reporters that due to a surveillance camera near the incident scene was filmed: time is about 23 at 1 pm, two men from a car (the red dust, no lamp) smashed cars down…… Taxi drivers have a WeChat group, 23 in the morning, we have learned through the circle of friends of the above information. However, for smashed three taxis, between three owners did not know each other. A taxi driver told reporters that the four car car smashed apart with a diameter of 10 kilometers, is exactly the same modus operandi. After the incident, the owners of these vehicles have been reported to the local public security organs. As of press time, the police.相关的主题文章: