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Woman walking along more than 20 thousand bags from overseas also bad money? The suspect went into the counter. Suspects take away models around the bag. The suspect put up inside. Happy, to bag. Well, this woman has a hot head to do a silly thing. In September 16th, Hangzhou Tianshui City police station received a report, a shopping mall in a luxury shop a black bag is stolen, the loss of value of 27900 yuan. After receiving the case, the police rushed to the scene. By monitoring the video analysis, the police initially locked the suspect chen. Video display, around 2:25 PM, the suspect went into the counter wandering. Hang out a few minutes later, seems to find the "target", picked up the side of the bag model. Get the target, the suspect is ready to hide the bag. First, the bag hidden in their own white paper bag, and then take advantage of people do not pay attention, and quickly pulled out of the bag into the bag. After this series of actions, she did not hurry to go. But leisurely tried two pairs of shoes, the "good psychological quality". Until 2:40 or so, the woman just calmly left the counter. In September 18th, police in the criminal suspect’s hotel room she was arrested, and seized stolen handbag in the room. Currently, the suspect Chen has been under criminal detention. It is understood that the suspect Chen is a 85, the family is not bad, but also returned from overseas studies, in terms of reason should be not bad money". A confused as to why do something wrong, she hesitated refuses to let go, this one reason I am afraid she only knew. (the screenshot is provided by the police)相关的主题文章: