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Columbia signed a comprehensive peace agreement – Hubei channel — recently, the Columbia government and the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") held a comprehensive peace agreement signing ceremony in the coastal city of Cartagena, brother, the end of the armed conflict in the country for more than half a century. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as Cuba, Argentina, Peru and other 15 Latin American heads of state attended the signing ceremony to witness this historic moment. October 2nd, the country will hold a referendum on the content of the agreement, the peace agreement will be formally adopted after the referendum. Columbia was founded in 1964, currently has about 7000 members, a large number of affiliated guerrilla organizations and supporters. The organization has a large number of weapons and equipment and a large amount of money. Colombian army and the Colombian government’s civil war has lasted for 52 years, is the longest in Latin America’s civil war. The annual armed conflict has killed about 220 thousand people and displaced more than about 6000000 people. According to the Colombian government statistics, from 1970 to 2010, a total of 27 thousand cases of kidnapping occurred in Columbia, of which the 90% and brother Wu related. In 2012, Cuba and Norway as a guarantor, Venezuela and Chile as an observer of the mediation, the Colombian government and the Colombian army began in the Cuban capital Havana peace talks. In 4 years of arduous negotiations, the two sides in June this year announced a ceasefire agreement had been reached, and reached the final comprehensive peace agreement in Havana in August 24th, then president and brother "brother Wu" leaders were formally ordered a ceasefire. At the signing ceremony of the peace treaty, President Santos of Columbia said, "we need to begin to heal the wounds of war". E Che Verri, the leader of the Colombian army, "apologized for the damage done to the people in the war", said he would abide by the agreement and "expect the government to abide by the agreement."". Ban Ki-moon also made a speech in the hope that Columbia united, and look forward to the parties to strictly abide by the commitments in the agreement. Peace agreement for 297 pages, including agriculture and rural development, political participation and other parts of the 6. According to the agreement, the two sides agreed to establish a transitional area; the establishment of the land fund; "brother Wu" members to complete surrender within 180 days; "brother Wu" after signing the agreement to a new legal political organization status etc.. Although the parties to the agreement signed a positive attitude, but some analysts believe that the road to peace in Columbia there are still challenges. For example, whether the peace agreement can be effectively fulfilled, the guerrillas can successfully integrate into society, etc.. October 2nd, Columbia will sign the agreement referendum. According to local media reports, a recent poll showed that 53% of the people of Columbia will participate in the referendum, which will vote in favor of the vote, so that the outside world to see the peace of the people of Columbia look forward to. And once the referendum failed, the peace process is likely to return home". (St Paul, September 29,  );   "people’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 21 Edition) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: