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Tsinghua international students admission to cancel the written   the application – Audit System — Shanghai channel — people.com.cn original title: Tsinghua International Undergraduate Admissions will be used to cancel the written application – audit system after doctoral students enrollment, Tsinghua University international students (undergraduate) enrollment will begin next year by application – audit system, cancel the written. Application system has been on-line. In the past, Tsinghua University undergraduate international students to take the form of written + interview. To attend Tsinghua undergraduate international students, according to their needs professional categories of candidates to participate in the 4 to 5 subjects, and then through the test or interview final admission. Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently learned from the university admissions office, from 2017 onwards the examination and enrollment will comprehensive reform, cancel the written test, the application – Audit System: all eligible international students can submit an application to the Tsinghua University, and Tsinghua University will through the online application and comprehensive evaluation, including material review and interview, comprehensive admission. According to the 2017 Tsinghua University international students (undergraduate) enrollment, the school has 19 Departments and 39 professional to undergraduate international students. Good academic performance, good conduct, good health, with the equivalent of Chinese high school graduates can apply for foreign nationals, less than 18 years of age, the applicant must submit a notarized guardian in china. Since most of the courses in Tsinghua University are taught in Chinese, there are certain requirements for the applicants’ Chinese proficiency. Currently the application system has been on the line, the applicant will enter the interview through the material review. Tsinghua University Admissions director Liu Zhen said that the application – audit system of undergraduate admission of international students, one can with the international well-known university admission standards, on the other hand, it can effectively avoid the lack of test reliability and validity of all international students in the same papers. (reporter Lei Jia) (Yan Yuan and Han Qing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: