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The typhoon to catch cold air in Guangxi will be affected by the strong winds and cool weather of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Hu Lingling       Yu Hairong   Huang Li) said, this time, "autumn" has "wither" into a "paper tiger", but this year it is a bit different, "qiulao Hu" mercy "," exhibition in Guangxi has nearly 90% area into a high-temperature grill. But just yesterday, suddenly changed the style. Although the region continues to sing the "fine song", but the temperature around the heavy 3 DEG to 5 DEG, high temperature ease. This, Nanning friends feeling very much, yesterday morning that the temperature is not too high, in the afternoon, but suddenly the wind, the temperature can also feel not so hot on the 27 day, Nanning municipal meteorological station chief forecaster Dai Yun Liang introduced, the maximum temperature in the city of Nanning is more than 34 DEG C however, the temperature is 27, nearly 37 degrees high temperature or decreased most. The wind, cooling, asks a lot of people, this is the "catfish" come? "Not only is affected by the typhoon wind, and the cold air collocation." Liang Daiyun told the people, yesterday afternoon, cold air southward to the south of Guangxi, and yesterday the typhoon "catfish" also landed in Fujian, the "group", Nanning city has 3, 6 gust winds yesterday. In addition, the Guangxi meteorological observatory expert also points out another reason, yesterday "subtropical" weaken, not only to let the cold air out of the way, let not the "backup temperature jun". According to Liang Daiyun expected, the common effect of the typhoon and cold air in Nanning, there will be windy and cool weather, but rainfall is not obvious, "the next two days, the highest temperature in Nanning city around at 31 DEG to 34 DEG, and the minimum temperature is at 20 DEG -23 DEG, cool sooner or later during the day, there is no hot weather, good overall." Not that there will be rain? Why is it back? According to the results of analysis of Guangxi meteorological experts, the cold air is acute, fast transfer speed, while under the influence of the temperature will drop to 3 DEG to 5 deg. But on the other hand, it is because of this cold air guide from the north to the south, the typhoon "catfish" North Guangxi, affected by the typhoon residual circulation weakened, the expected rainfall will be weakened. Guangxi Meteorological Station forecast, 29 – 30, Guangxi with showers or thunderstorms, locally heavy rain, other areas cloudy with showers in our region. Affected by the cold air and the residual circulation of typhoon, the south coast will be blowing northerly winds, showers increased to 6 level. From the evening of 28 to the day of 29, Guilin, Hezhou, Wuzhou and other parts of the city have showers or thunderstorms, local heavy rain, other parts of the temperature has declined, more comfortable body. But the typhoon "catfish" peripheral wind influence, the northern Gulf waters wind strengthened, gusts up to 7 ~ 8 grade, to play the best friends and coastal storm weakened after the sea play. The next 3 days weather forecast of Nanning in September 29th;   cloudy        相关的主题文章: